I think my son has a moter running him with no breakes

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ifeelhappy115, Dec 15, 2008.

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    My 10 year old just won't shut down . Its like he has a moter driving him with no breaks . How do you stop the bedtime fight ? That is exactally what it turns into after he pushes me and pushes me to see how far he can . Then in the A.M. It is jeck to get him going . I have tried grounding ,taking away tv , everything I can think of . He is on daytrana patch for his adhd . Any advice would be a god sent.
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    Has he ever had a complete neuropsychologist evaluation? I would go there, and have one for the younger child too. How was his early development? Did he talk on time? Does he know how to socialize appropriately with his same age peers? Same for the younger one.
    My biggest suggestions is stop trying to do it yourself and get an intensive private neuropsychologist evaluation so you know what you really dealing with and how you can help and if he should/shouldn't be on medications and what kinds would help. Hypernness is not always caused by ADHD.

    Welcome :)
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    Just FYI, I give my son melatonin at night and it helps him calm down and sleep.

    I would make sure you are comfortable with his diagnosis, and if you are not then like mwm said, get further evaluations. Is your son aggressive? Does the daytrana seem to help him calm down? My son is on Daytrana as well, and if his patch falls off I just want to run and hide. The Lamcital keeps his mood stable , and the daytrana puts his brakes on. Good luck, and I am glad you found us but sorry you felt the need to.
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    The Daytrana may be keeping him awake. We give our son his Adderal around 6:15 a.m. so it has time to wear off. It's weird to see it wear off, because he does get really hyper (climbs on chairs, talks incessantly) but then he sleeps better after it's worn off. We also give him Vistaril, an antihistamine, to help him sleep at night.

    I know what you mean about trying to get him down at night, and then he's half dead in the morning!
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    sounds like my son on any given day - but he does eventually fall asleep if I can just get him to stay still long enough LOL. Some nights I've heard him hitting the wall with his foot for 30 minutes before he stops.

    One thing I do is keep a consistant routine at night. It gives him enough warning that bedtime is approaching and he needs to wind down.
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    I'd try Melatonin to help get him to sleep at night. Hopefully, if he's properly rested the mornings won't be such a nightmare.

    My son is a motor mouth when his medication wears off. I want to put a cork in his mouth sometimes.

    When he was little, before we even knew he had ADHD, I would beg for 10 minutes of silence so my ears could rest. This request was typically on a long car ride (anything farther than a 10 min drive was a "long ways" for difficult child.

    Bless his heart, he'd try. After 30 seconds he was tapping me on the shoulder asking, "Is it 10 minutes yet?" lol
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    Also kava kava tea works really well. just a thought. i used to mix that with-the melatonin at night. i wish you luck it can be rough.
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    our son to,and he is 17,,its ongoing but every now and then he just sleeps,, 6pm til morning ,,his mouth and body actually stop,, our phsychiatrist gave a perscription for meletonin for our daughter as she slept little,i do not know if the strength differs from over the counter melatonin or not