I took this week off ... kinda sorta

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After looking at my calendar for the week, I immediately starting making calls & rescheduling.

I kept 2 appointments of more immediate concern & my piano lessons; I am shutting out/down the rest of the week. :whew:

I needed a more manageable week; a week that I'm not constantly on the run for one tweedle or the other.

It felt good to tell attachment therapist that I was tired of him, the twins, husband, the dog, the cat, the weather, laundry, etc, etc, etc.

therapist's response: "So you want a life, huh? Need some Linda time, do you?"

Pretty much I do. :bath: Planning on a long hot bath this afternoon, a nap & already have a pot of soup simmering. What a luxury.

I think everyone here needs to do the same at least one week a month or we're all going to crash & burn. :faint: :hypnosis:

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Good for you-I could take some lessons from you! I'm having another one of those weeks-something every night!

timer lady

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Thanks all - I knew you'd approve.

Sharon, sweetie, you really need to slow down.

Today was one of the more relaxing days I've had in a long time.

Tomorrow I have an appointment for me at 11; a therapist appointment on Wednesday at 2:30 for wm.

Piano lessons on Thursday - that's just for me.

That's it for the week; as kt isn't being discharged for another couple of weeks, husband & I are taking a break from all the running this weekend. It's just him & me. We're rent a couple of movies, playing a few board games & catching up with one another.

Yup, it should be this way every week. :smile: