I want to burn it down.


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The rollercoaster that is.

I haven't been around much while my difficult child was back in treatment. I was enjoying the calm.

A week and a half ago he my difficult child was released after another 11 weeks of treatment (following his 10 day stay in ICU and then another week or so in the mental hospital) He went to a Transitional Living program that focuses on peoplew/mental illness. 97% also have addiction as well, but his mental illness is primary and he couldn't get into most of the sober living homes with his current mix of medications. He's diagnosis bipolar and NPD so he qualified for this program. They were very hesitant to take him as he's only 18. "Most 18 yr olds just aren't ready. They arent serious." I can't tell you how many times I've heard this the past few months!!


Things went well for about a week.

Then we began to see red flags again. I don't know if he's using again, but I'm highly suspicious. He posted a picture on social media where he appears high as a kite. Last night he sent crazy text msgs to my phone about a bike ride at 2am and coming home to a drunk in his living room with his backpack?!

So yeah, getting back on the rollercoaster and strapping myself in for the ride. He cant get any more rock bottom than he was in June, so I'm pretty worried.


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I usually found when my antenna went up it was for good reason. I don't want to worry you more than you alreadl are but the relapse rate upon release or step down into transitional housing is high. You may want to call the director in his program and alert her/him. Many here may say to stay out of it but I always kept in close contact when my daughter was in both residential and sober houses. I had my boundaries set and she knew them. You may want to make sure he understands he is not coming home if he is kicked out of the program.

I'm sorry for your worried heart, I understand.


I hate to be a downer -- but I agree with Nancy. Trust your instincts - and put on the armor. It's an awful feeling, I get it.


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Just want to say I hear you... wish we could have a huge bonfire and burn all of our roller coasters!!

So trust your gut, keep paying attention and take care of yourself!


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My sister's son went through very similar issues. My children are just barely approaching the problematic stage so I still have a way's to go. I have worked in drug treatment for 6 years so my sister confided in me. I found her a great program that targets behavior rather than addiction. They are a little pricey, but my nephew is now a self-reliant young man with a good head on his shoulders. I recommend you look them up entitlementtherapy. This could very well be a life changer for you.