I would rather get a root canal ***Updated****

Stella Johnson

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than buy a car. I have been arguing over my old car all day and trying to buy a new one at the same time.

Day started off about 10am this morning with a call from the other girl's ins co. They offered me 3k less than my car is worth. I checked on kelly blue book, edmunds, and NADA. All are about the same price but somehow these morons are trying to low ball it and get out cheap. Not happening.

I told the adjuster where he could go with that price. He got silent then said he would have a "Total Loss Adjuster" call me. I said, you do that. :nonono: He also said they would only pay for 2 more days of the rental. So I'm sure I will get to fight with them over this too.
Haven't heard from the new guy yet.

Next on to finding another car. Drove the Honda Pilot. It was just Ok. Next I found a truck I really liked. The Toyota 4Runner. They want about 3k more than I am willing to pay. When I told him I got the pricing from Edmunds he tells me that only in CA do they go by that. Whatever..

So next, he says they use Kelly blue book or NADA. So I got printouts for both. He was higher than both of them. Mgr refused to come off the retail price. I said fine. Call me when you want to sell a car. :grrr:I left.

So now I am at home, wound up and can't sleep. I hate buying a car. I hate argueing with insurance over the old one. UGHH I just want this over with!!!!!

Just had to vent and get that out of my system. :hammer:


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I know you just want to get this over with, been there done that several times. But before you accept any offer from this girl's insurance please run it past a lawyer first.

I hope they're also covering all medical. And I'm sure you know to get fairly compensated for pain and suffering. Afterall, this is why we buy insurance.

How are you feeling physically? I hope some of the aches and pains and bruises are going away.



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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #000099"> steph, it all sounds like the pits.

have you searched dealership online or one of those websites you see advertised on tv. jarrod also said try autotrader.com. they will guide you to dealerships in your area. also just call around to rival dealerships for the type of car you want & see if they will beat the other guy's price. they love to undercut the rival!

good luck.

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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #333399"> oh & i don't think they can cut off your rental while you are still in *negotiations*. i'd toss that out to them too.

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Steph, I hate to say this because it sounds sexist as all get out, but take a man with you when you're car shopping! Even if he's dumb as a stump and doesn't know any more about cars than how to get the doors open and closed! Even if he never says a word, they figure he's "observing" and will pick up if they try to "take" you!

I don't care what they say, if a women comes in alone they still try to pull things on you ... and who needs that! Even if all he does is stand there while YOU negotiate, just having a male presence there with you will make them think twice. This stinks, but I'm a realist! I wouldn't think of even looking at cars without taking my son along. In his case, he DOES know everything about cars, but even if he didn't, I'd still want him there because their whole tone changes! Sad but true! Can you tell yet that I've been there done that? :frown:


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about the root canal...lol
I have assisted with many many RCTs over the years.
it is a myth about the pain of a root canal. the pain is BEFORE you get one done. it relieves the pain.
it is also cheaper than a car..lol

hope things work out for you fast!

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This is only for the car part. Has nothing to do with bodily injury.


I actually found a better one for about the same price. It is about 45 min away from where I live but I am going to look at it today.

Their tone does change. SO was with me last night. He knows less than I do. I have worked in the auto industry. I grew up in it.
They are very sexist. They see a woman and think idiot. :nonono:

You are right. I have had 3 root canals. They actually hurt me less than fillings do.



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I feel your pain. I hate buying a car too. I can't stand dealing with car salespeople. Fortunately, husband does all of the research and dealings. I can't deal with it, I get too nuts.

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Steph, another tip to cut them at the knees with the sexit BS - walk in with confidence. Show your savvy. Let them know that you KNOW what you're doing, what you will and won't pay and if you pick up on any sexist talk or attitude, leave.

When I took H with me years ago to buy a car, brand new, I ended up paying sticker price! H cut me off, just like the salesboy, and whenever I tried to discuss the sticker price v. MY cost, H would put up his hand and tell me, "don't worry, I got this"...I was the one paying the bill - I was infuriated. I have bought 3 cars since and have always left H at home and did my own negotiating. I've never paid the asking price and have worked a few really sweet deals. My most recent car was used and the asking price was $21,000. I got the guy down to $18,000 and then told him about my trade in. So I got it for only $17,000 and it was only 1 year old with only 16,000 miles on it. AND, it was the care I wanted! When I went home and told H I bought a new car, and the deal I negotiated, he almost fell off the couch!

You're a strong woman with car knowledge...go show it off!


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Steph, I know what you're talking about. So sorry! It should be at least a tiny bit fun because you'll end up with- a car in the end... but you have to go through so much garbage to begin with-it's hardly worth it.
Good luck!


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Are you a member of a warehouse club? You can get a group membership price on a car through the warehouse club. You do have to work with a particular dealer.

What I have done the last two times we have bought a car is use that as the starting price. Then I emailed all of the dealers within an hour's drive with the warehouse price and asked them to beat it.

I bought from the dealer that came back with the lowest price. It was very easy and basically done from home. Make sure that you ask for a breakdown of all fees and that you are comparing drive out prices.

Good luck with the purchase. Don't let them push you around. by the way, I am much better at buying a car than my husband is ~ he always wants to be the nice guy and buys into the male bonding crap that abounds at car dealerships.


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On the car shopping note.....

husband isn't allowed to car shop without me. He hasn't a clue how to haggle down a price. He'll see a car he likes, and simply give them the price they have on the sticker. He won't even test drive the thing. UGH!!

If you have to shop alone, I agree with Jo. Walk in with confidence and determination. You can shop around on line to decide maybe what yr and type of car you're looking for that fits what you want to spend. This also gives you an edge in haggling down the price. My brother used to sell cars. I know what the mark up range is and what most places will come down to, if you're stubborn enough. Also when I think "salesman" I think of my brother, which helps me see thru their line of bull. lmao (my brother could sell you your own shirt)

If you want the car but don't like the price, leave. But leave your name with the salesman for "if they decided to come down". Chances are they'll call you in a couple of days with a lower price.

I did the above with a mini van I was looking at a few years ago. The salesman must have called me for months. lol He kept lowering the price and I kept saying no. They wouldn't lower it down to what it really was worth age wise and milage wise. I know they need to make a profit, but please!
Now when I went back there to get the car I have now (they really are a good dealership) I got no line of bull. And I got the car I wanted for the price I wanted to pay. :grin:

When husband walks onto a lot the salesmen see the word SUCKER in neon across his forhead. :rofl:


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I had a good experience with CarMax. They have almost new used cars and their prices are good from the comparisons I did. There was no haggleing-the price was on the window. It was below what I had seen at the regular dealers. The same guy that showed me the car, did the financing and closed the deal. I don't have the greatest of credit and he had me 6 different offers within about an hour and I got a good deal.

Their website has alot of tips to help you through and what the other dealers do to rip you off.

It worked for me.......


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Daisylover</div><div class="ubbcode-body">
husband isn't allowed to car shop without me. He hasn't a clue how to haggle down a price. He'll see a car he likes, and simply give them the price they have on the sticker. He won't even test drive the thing. UGH!! </div></div>

I got one up on you, my husband has bought cars without ever even seeing them. Two of my last three cars needed an engine before I could even drive them :surprise: Luckily I married a mechanic, but I don't shop for cars and even though husband has worked mostly at car dealerships we don't buy from car dealers.

Stella I wish you luck. And at least you'll be buying a car you can drive home :smile:


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I wish you luck with this one. Hopefully the car you're looking at today will be perfect for you. Just don't let the bozos rip you off and I don't think they can stop your rental car, either. I know what you mean, though, shopping for cars is not easy.


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I have no patience with those people who either try to take me or talk down to me because I'm a woman! I came close to buying a car at one place until the salesman starting talking to me about the financing like I was a two year old! Right before I walked out, I asked him how the H*ll he thought I got the one I drove in with! The "Pontiac Fairy" did NOT leave it in my driveway for me to find when I woke up that morning!


Then there was another dealership that I spoke with on the phone and I thought I was asking intelligent, informed questions. It's not my first waltz around the dance floor, after all, and I have been driving for 47 years! I thought we were doing great and I was talking about coming in (a two hour drive!). Then he said, "Don't you have a MAN you could bring in with you ... a husband or a brother, maybe?" :mad: Well, THAT did it! For me to do that on my own is one thing ... for him to suggest it is another thing entirely! I asked him if by saying that he (a) thought I was too stupid to buy a car on my own or, (b) was he warning me that their dealership is in the habit of deceiving and taking advantage of unaccompanied female customers?!?! He REALLY pushed the wrong buttons with me! When I DID have a husband, he was too stupid to know you have to change the oil once in a while and he trashed every vehicle we ever had! Then I hung up! But I was still mad, so I called back and asked for their sales manager and told him just what a stupid, insulting, sexist pig of a salesman they had hired! Then I hung up AGAIN! :grin:

Good luck, Steph!


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another "I'm the buyer in this household" here.

I bought a new car last October. It was an "emergency" in that my old car, that we were hoping to get at least another year out of, blew the head gasket. If ONLY the head gasket needed replacing, we would have done that, but if the head was warped and needed repair or more, it would have wound up costing much more than the vehicle was worth at that time.

Luckily we had already been "researching" and had narrowed our choices down to 4 candidates. I did some heavy power searching on Edmunds and all the other sites, and had printouts of exactly what I wanted, costs, etc.
One dealer didn't have ANY of the models we were interested in, even to test drive, so that one was easy to walk away from.
The next dealer we really weren't all that impressed with the car, and they really didn't want to "talk" at all.
The third dealer is the one we went with. Talked them down to $50 over invoice, and they were willing to bring a car from their other dealership 20 miles away so I could get the color I wanted.
When we were getting ready to leave the house to pick it up - the dealer called and said "I have good news and bad news". The car we were supposed to get had been wrecked coming off the car carrier. But they had another that color, except it was the top of the line model, all the bells and whistles. Since I had already signed to buy the other, however, they said they would sell me this one and not charge me for the extras! I got almost $4000 worth of things (sunroof, 6 CD changer and quite a bit more) for FREE! They didn't make a penny off of me in this deal!

Stella Johnson

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I do walk in with confidence. I just have 0 patience for the crap they pull. SO lets me do all the negotiating. I negotiated his car, his trade in ,and mine last night. His father is a great negotiator but he hates to ask him. He would likely walk in and pay sticker if he was alone. :hammer:

I'm not a member of a wholesale club. I used to be just got tired of paying for the membership since I hardly ever shopped there. With just me and difficult child we can't really use a super size can of green beans or 20lbs of pot roast. When I was married and had ex's other two kids it was great though.

I was shocked. The jerk at the first dealership never called. Oh well, his loss.

There aren't any carmax dealers close to me. Most are on the other side of the metroplex from us. I will try to check them out someday though. Hopefully not anytime soon.

I would KILL if my SO brought home a nonrunning car. He isn't mechanical at all so that won't happen here. Lots of other things but not nonrunning. At least yours can fix them. :wink:

I'm with you. I hate being treated like a moron.

Glad to hear you ended up with a better car! Sounds really nice.


Right after I posted this I was looking around online. I found a dealer that had one that was a 2006 instead of a 2005. I emailed them and told them I needed to buy a car this week. I did not want to haggle and I named a price. It was the TMV from edmunds.com. I priced the car out on there before emailing.

Anyway, a salesguy called and said he would sell it to me for the exact price I offered. I was still leary he might try to pull something when we got there but he didn't!

I walked in, he had the keys ready and we drove it. I now have a 2006 Toyota 4Runner. I love it. And it's big. difficult child loves the 3rd row of seats and I like her being farther away. Less noise. :smile:

So, now the car hunt is over. Just dealing with the girl's insurance now. They are still quoting a price for my Honda that is 3k lower than it is worth. I'm getting sick of these ppl but I am standing my ground. I wouldn't be in this position if their insured had not totalled mine. :nonono: