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Unfortunately, my car has been in a couple of accidents in the last few years. Neither being my, or DHs, fault. The insurance companies duked it out over who was going to pay what.

I've always negoiated, and bought, the cars. The last one husband wasn't even present. Though, I had done a ton of research regarding price and options and knew what I wanted.

I've been condescended to a few times. Anything that is male dominated tends to be that way. The worst I ever got is in a sporting goods store years ago. First, they completely ignore me, my mom, and my sister. Yet, when I man walks in, they run to greet him.

Well, well, I wasn't about to let that go. I ask the cashier to call the manager. I get, "oh, he's busy on the phone". Fine, call the Asst. Manager. I wait, and wait, and wait. Finally, some young, very tall, man comes out. Now, I'm tall and yet has his hands behind his back and leans down to speak to me as if I were a child. I get a snippy, "something I can help you with?"

I look directly at him, leaned in close to his to his face and say, "Yeah, YOU might want to consider ripping some new a**ho*es around this joint, because you see that store across the street (I pointed to a competitor), THAT'S where we are going to spend our money since NOT ONE of your salespeople even bothered to acknowledge our presense. I see you train your employees to ignore customers.So, please consider THIS a** ripping MY gift to YOU. Buh Bye!"

The guy didn't move a muscle. He was frozen in stunned silence. And off we went to the competitor.


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Awesome! That sounds like a great deal! Glad the search is over and you're happy with your choice. Hope other insured starts playing fair soon.

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Glad everything worked out for you!!!

I am also usually the car negotiator in the family. husband hates dealing with car dealers (worse than I do). He doesn't try to negotiate at all. However, when we bought Angela's car, we only had $4,000 to spend. We went to a Saturn dealer where we knew they do not deal on the price of new cars but did not know they will not deal on the price of old cars. Well, we found a car that would be perfect for her. Sticker price $4,500. We test drove it and told the young man we would take it. We did not talk price at all. We were going to talk price when we were sitting down at the table.

We sat down and the man started writing up the contract. He wrote down $4,500, and we said, "Oh, we don't want to pay $4,500. We only want to pay $4,000. He looked at us like we were nuts. He said that Saturn does not deal on prices, not even on used cars. husband happened to be in a hurry to get home to finish a custom paint job for a customer, so he stood up and said then we are leaving. We proceeded to walk towards the door. He ran after us and said wait, let me talk to my manager. He had us talk directly to the manager who said "we do not deal price." Now husband was really irritated 'cuz he really really had to get home. He said if you won't come down $500, we don't want the car. And we started walking toward the door. Well, well, well, wouldn't you know it, the manager says "I'm NOT supposed to do this, but I'll sell you the car for $4,000." OK, so we bought it.

My dad always told me you have to be willing to walk away, and he did so many times. husband and I had always been afraid to...until that day when he wanted to get home.



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:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

Great job!

Steph, will you do my haggling for me the next time I get a car?



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I have bought all the vehicles for the past 30 years. My husband is not the type to deal with the hassle. One of the MAJOR things I
have learned over the years it that you want to do your research
at your convenience but you want to negotiate right before the
cutoff date for monthly sales at the dealership. To "punch the
numbers up" the salesmen and managers are alot more flexible.DDD

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Glad the car hunt is over and you got the deal, and car, you wanted! :bravo:

I hope the insur stuff gets settled soon. UGH I really hate all that mess.


Way To Go! :smile: Congrats on the new car! How many does a 4 runner seat? I just got a brand new Honda Accord, which I LOVE, except for the fact that it is soooo small! We are applying to be respite workers for ages 0-10 and I need more room. UGH! husband will drive my Accord and we will be looking for something bigger for me. We will still have husband's old Chevy truck for hauling stuff to the dumps, etc.

Now for the details!! What color did you get? What's the gas mileage? Nosy aren't I? :wink:


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Mine seats 7. There is a jump seat in the back that seats 2. It's great... she's so far back there I can't hear her begging and nagging. :rofl:
Not all of them have the 3rd row of seats though. Mine is white with gray interior. I love it.


Sounds like an awesome car/truck (?)!! I REALLY don't want to go the minivan route again. SUV's gas mileage just kills me, so not sure what we will end up with. I adored my Durango, but it was slowly dying on me so we had to do something. The Accord drives wonderfully and is really kind to my back. Wonder how many kids I can pack in the trunk?!?! LOL!! Just kiddin'!!!!

Hugs and congrats,