IEP - do they have to follow the I.E.P. during summer school?


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Hi all,I havent posted over here before,but I had a question so here goes...
My oldest is in a at risk/Special Education summer school(he didnt need to go,it was suggested by his teacher to get some classes out of the way for next year..first year in high school!)anyway,He came home and said he wasnt liking it because some of the math questions were hard and he only got like 5 done...on his IEP,he is supposed to be able to use a calculator and have extra time to finish tests,and have a teacher read the questions to him.I told my difficult child to tell the teacher that he had an IEP and the teacher said "he doesnt care who he is or what he has,no one in his class uses a calculator"...Should I be calling the school,maybe this isnt what we thought it was gonna be...I thought this was going to be like the theraputic school he had been going to :confused: ....


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Welcome to this side of the board! Hope that you find the information useful.

OK, here is how I would look at this. IF the classes that he is taking over the summer count toward earning HS credits----YES his IEP does apply. And I think that you could argue this with or without a recommendation on the IEP for extended school year. So, the accomodations that are listed on your son's IEP would still be in place.

I would suggest that you do the folllowing: call the teacher and request a meeting to go over your son's IEPs as well those classroom issues you have concerns over. I would also call his sd to find out if an "articulation" meeting has been scheduled.

In my experience atriculation meetings are ususally run at the same time the IEP meeting is run for a student who is moving from 8th to 9th grade. If you have not had one of these meeting to address how accomodations will be handled in the high school you should.

I have also found that some hs teachers are more in touch with sped issues than others. BUT sometimes over the summer teachers who are not as active with sped programs may be teacher while the regular sped teachers are taking the summer off.

You may get an arguement for someone that the summer program is NOT extended school year, but something tha they "suggested"......if they suggested it they need to be held responsible for making sure that it is an appropriate recommendation for your son. I would argue that this includes honoring all accomodations tha are listed on his IEP.

OK.......if the summer program is NOT for credit, you may have another situation on your hand. In that case, I would suggest that you consider whether your son's frustration is worth deal with compared to the progress he will make in these academic areas.

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Thanks Lizz,
This is going to be for high school crdit,he saw the opportunity to be able to get math and pe out of the way for the 10th grade,and decided he wanted to
A. Be able to have more electives next year and
B. possiibly be able to graduate early.
I dont know if what we had was a "articulation meeting".
We (meaning me,the Special Education teacher from his Jr.High theraputic classroom,and my difficult child,went to meet the new Special Education teacher at his high school,and we did discuss which classes he was going to be able to take,which ones were going to be mainstream and which he was going to be taking in the theraputic room,we did discuss the IEP and registerd for the new classes.
What is the articulation meeting for?


Your son's teacher should have been provided with his IEP. An excerpt from IDEA that might be of benefit for you:

(2) The child's IEP is accessible to each regular education teacher, special education teacher, related service provider, and other service provider who is responsible for its implementation; and

(3) Each teacher and provider described in paragraph (b)(2) of this section is informed of—

(i) His or her specific responsibilities related to implementing the childís IEP; and

(ii) The specific accommodations, modifications, and supports that must be provided for the child in accordance with the IEP.

the teacher said "he doesnt care who he is or what he has,no one in his class uses a calculator"
No doubt teacher needs additional education regarding his responsibilities. His control of the classroom does not supercede Federal law, though he might like to think it does. lol


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An articulation meeting is a formal meeting where the "sending school" meets with the receiving school to review the students IEP/IEE and plan for the following year.

In many large city areas many schools "feed in" to large high schools so the high schools don't know anything about the kids coming into 9th grade. Usually the meeting is handled like an extended IEP meeting and includes all the regular people that would be invited to the IEP meeting. In some cases the high school district may be able to provide for services on the IEP in a more interalized manner than the grade school had. So the HS staff may want to discuss with you how to provide the services that are on the IEP in an appropriate manner.

You may want to look at your son's IEP to see when his IEP is due. IF it is soon, you should ask the two schools how they plan to carry out this meeting in order to share information.

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Hi...Just wanted to update you all on what is going on.I spoke to my sons JR.High teacher ...the theraputic class teacher..and asked her the same questions...and she was nearly outraged!she said to try the school councelor first,to see if they even HAVE a copy of the IEP.and she was very supportive,she said if they give me any guff or problems,to call her and SHE will go and TELL tthem what they need to do!!!!I am so glad I have her as a support person.Thanks everyone for the support I get are all the best! I will let you know what the counselor says.... :laugh: