If it weren't for bad luck he'd have none at all


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difficult child#2 continues in his usual pattern. Usually stuff is his fault but today it is not. :rolleyes:
He has been working at his new job and is doing well. He goes to work every day before 7 and doesn't get home most days till at least 6. He has had a thing on his upper tummy; it started out like a pimple or something. Tonight he showed it to me and it is big and nasty with white stuff in it (sorry) :faint:and about the size of a 50 cent piece. His only options for getting it looked at are to go to the emergency room (good bye to $500-600; his insurance doesn't kick in till he's worked there 90 days) or wait till his only day off which is Tuesday. So I suppose we'll have to cough up the money. :doctor:

Besides that, he got a letter in the mail today that his driver's license has been suspended. He had a ticket in November and he was supposed to complete an 8 hour driver's class to keep his license. So we paid the $60, spent another $100 for motel and food and gas to get him to the class ( it was 2 hours from here), completed the class, etc. So what the heck happened? I don't have a clue. I will call them on Monday but I know that fighting with the DMV is like bashing your head against a brick wall. :hammer:

I should never think to myself that maybe things are improving because it always comes back to bite me in the bu++. :smile:


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Oh, boy. Hope it's only a boil or something! I would get it looked at, too.
Hopefully you get the DMV issue straightened out. That really stinks. Maybe someone just didn't process his paperwork on it. Hopefully it's easily fixed. Good luck!


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You need to contact the facility that he did the class at and ask if they have a copy of the certificate he should have received for completing the class. I know they sent my difficult child's in the mail. All the places in CT hold the classes on Saturday, so I would try and contact them today.

I hope the thing on his stomach is nothing. Let us know as you as you can.


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Nan, I know you live in a tiny town. Don't you guys have walk-in clinics out there- or close? We have ones with extended hours- less expensive than an ER and longer hours than a doctor.

As for the driving thing...I hope he has some kind of receipt or diploma for the class so it can be easily corrected. I don't envy you trying to straighten that out.

Good luck!




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Try putting a hot (as hot as he can stand) compress on it several times a day. It may bring it to a head and make it burst. Be careful though, there is alot of MRSA going around these days and you dont want to take the chance.



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Sounds like a boil. It's like pimple but much bigger and deeper. Unfortunately, I have quite a bit of experience with those. They are quite painful. Daughter got one on her arm last summer. It was horrible. After many hot compresses it finally started to drain. Then it seemed to heal over. Then it came back bigger than before. Daughter was in a lot of pain and very grumpy. Any touch to it sent her into screams. Finally, we had to take her to the Pediatrician to have it lanced.

Oh boy, that brought out the worst in Daughter. She kept threatening the Dr that she was going to punch him in the face. Now,isn't that lovely??

Anyway, that took care of it and it healed. But, she is left with a scar.

Put hot compresses on it. As hot as he can stand. Don't try to break it open (very tempting). Keep it clean by wiping alcohol around it (very gently).

I don't think it requires the ER (though I know it must really hurt), but making an appointment with a MD might not be a bad idea.

Good luck with the DMV. How frustrating!

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Sounds like difficult child has a boil. The hot compress suggestions are good, and do them often.

Now I know most people avoid popping the things. But husband and easy child tend to get these, and I've popped/drained more than my fair share. (gross) But to pop one instead of going the more expensive lancing route you have to be careful. You have to be certain it has come completely to a head. It will be painful, but you also have to make sure you get all the gross stuff out. If you don't it will just come back. Make sure hands and boil are well scrubbed, and use perioxide to cleanse the boil after popping. After I've managed to drain one I'll put antibiotic ointment on it and a bandaide to speed up healing.

I'd go broke if I got husband's lanced every time he had one.

Hope difficult child's luck turns around.



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difficult child didn't go to the emergency room last night but he did get the doctor to take him in this morning. He ended up losing a day of work but he has a written note from the Dr. so I think it will be OK. Anyway, it sounds like a boil to me too. Doctor lanced it and gave him an antibiotic. They sent in a culture so he is to go back to the Dr. on Monday to hear the results and they will know, supposedly, exactly what to prescribe. Here's hoping it all works out OK.

I tried to call the place where he took the drivers class but there will be nobody in the office until Monday so I have that to look forward to. Oh, joy.

Thanks for all of the concern.