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    Good luck on your interview. Don't fret (I can't believe I just used that word) about not hearing back from the others. Sometimes companies act like they're in a big hurry to find someone, but then things come up. It becomes hurry up and wait. This time of year, I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't hear anything until January.

    Just use each interview as a learning experience. I once went on over 30 interviews before I finally got a job. I was horrible at interviewing. They would ask a question and I'd start over here, then go way over there and end somewhere in the middle. By the time I finally landed a job, though, I was a master at interviews. After each one, I'd kick myself for how poorly I did, but I would also go over everything and redo it in my head, as most people ask the same type of questions no matter what field you're interviewing for. I've since been told by employment agencies and HR personnel that I interview very well. So well in fact, that I get an offer or a callback on most interviews I go on. That never would have happened had I not had to go through that.

    Anyway, good luck!
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    I also want to wish you good luck on your interview. Heather's right, it's easier if you treat each one as a learning experience.

    Also someone told me once to remember that I was interviewing THEM as much as they were me to be certain it was somewhere I wanted to work. This did alot for settling my jitters when I looked at it that way.

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    Part of the reason for the slow response could be - especially this time of year - budgeting. They may not have their 2008 budget finalized and are waiting to see what they get, they may be interviewing for positions that don't have funds allocated until 2008 and they may be over budget and/or trying to save a little on their 2007 budget.

    Lisa is right; you're interviewing them, too, to see if it's a place you want to work.
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    Hi! Was wondering how things were working out! Remember: they're in personnel. It's the holidays, they're processing payroll, vacation time, "sick days" for those who don't have any more vacation time, and most of the suits are not in the office to get final approval.

    Human Resources is a nightmare of a department to work in this time of year because they're also ramping up for W2 processing by end of January.

    Don't be disheartened that you haven't heard anything, but keep applying.

    Hoping for a super Christmas present for you!


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    Sending more good wishes and keeping everything crossed!!

    Definitely keep in mind that your interviewing them is equally as important as them interviewing you. You have something to offer them just as much as they have something to offer you.

    I am the HR department in our company and I can tell you that everything basically comes to a screeching halt from about Dec 15th through January 10th because we're wrapping up one year and readying for the new.

    Sending hugs~
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    DONT FORGET - to send a THANK YOU Card to the job and person that interviewed you.

    It goes a long way in saying "I think ahead and I'm customer service oriented."

    And besides you have magic shoes - click heels three times and repeat - I will get this job, I will get this job, I will get this job.

    best of luck
  7. Actually , I think that a "thank you" business letter is equally good. I do a good bit of interviewing and hiring and I am always impressed when a thank you letter comes to me on the same day of the interview - or soon after. It really makes an applicant stand out, and it's another opportunity for the applicant to point out exactly why they are the right person for the job. I especially like it when someone tells me (in a not too obvious way) how hiring them will make my job easier! Those are the keepers.
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    Actually I usually have already filled out the card, addressed it and have a stamp on it. I save sealing it for writing any little "personal" thing that may have come up in the interview like - a like football team or passion, hobby.

    PM me with your thoughts and I'll help you put together a personal thank you letter.