I'm back!


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This is probably gonna be long...lol. I have missed everyone so bad but life has been really difficult for the last six months or so.

I think I left here with cory doing something incredibly stupid and the powers that be had removed youngest grand from them. That lasted no time but they (cory Mandy and mouse) moved into their own place in Feb. We moved back into our place March first. I hate it. I have been depressed and in so much pain since the move. I barely move at all.

I think it was sometime in mid may that we found out nothing at all had changed with cory. It started with us catching him stealing the tooth fairy money I had just given his oldest daughter. He denied it of course and she tried to cover for him but that made me madder. Then it all hit the fan.

We found out that cory had broke into our place and stole quite a bit of money from us along with stealing my pain medications. I didn't realize he had been doing that because he swapped pills out so I wouldn't notice. We had already told him he wasn't allowed here unless specifically invited but that did no good. He has keys to the house and Tony refuses to install the new door locks I bought.

Tony and I had a huge fight over this. I was perfectly happy to have Tony go press charges against him for the money but he insisted that we tell the cops everything including cory stealing my pills even if that would cause me problems.

I need to point out here... This all went down on a Sunday when supposedly cory got caught stealing $20 from Mandy. They had a huge fight in front of the two girls and cory ended up admitting all and saying he wanted either to kill himself or get rehab. Supposedly he said that to the er folks but they didn't admit him. Tony was waffling as long as it appeared cory was gonna get help but he didn't. I finally went down to cops on Monday and tried to press charges but they wouldn't hear it. Said it was all hearsay even though cory admitted to all. I guess here you have to have a video in order to press charges. I did Get the judge to order cory in on a hold but that only lasted less than 24 hours.

Mandy was very ticked at me because I also called cps on them. I don't care. They called Tony and claimed I lied. Boo hoo.

So now we haven't seen mouse since may. I finally think tony understands that we can't have a close relationship with her if we are trying to shut the door on cory. Right now cory is trying to pull oldest daughter into his camp too so we have only had her two weekends. So not happy but not much I can do. I may be wrong but I am now refusing to sugar coat the wrongs cory is doing. He stole the money I had saved up to buy his oldest daughters birthday present. I told her the reason we couldn't get her atv was her father stole my money. I'm tired of being the bad guy.

Then physically I have been in the pits. About two weeks ago I started having severe pain in my lower tummy and pelvic area. I finally went to hospital and turned out I have diverticulitis and a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Never knew that could cause such pain that I couldn't walk. Then I got home and was trying to use a walker to get to potty and I kicked the walker and broke me pinkie toe! Owie.


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Janet!!!! So glad to hear from you, even though the news is not great. I was wondering w hat happened to you!!!

Janet, you have so many difficult choices to make. Cory does not sound like he will ever change and, yes, it is the rule that our adult kids like to punish our not thinking they are nice people when they steal to hold out the grands on us. It's pathetic and in my opinion should be illegal. In your cause though, some states have grandparents rights to visitation if t he child has lived with the grandparent for more than six months AND SHE HAS. I would look into that. That way the threat is over. As it should be. You put your heart and soul into those grands and your adult kids have lived with you along with Mandy. Honestly, I really wonder about this particular generation of some young people.

On the subject of your health, I am so very sorry. My hubby had diverticulitis. Did you get antibiotics? Hopefully you did because they worked wonders for him. I'm so sorry about your toe. One of those freak accidents. I can see that happening to me, as I am a certified klutz (not saying YOU are, but I sure am.)

I hope things calm down for you and that you do look into grandparents rights. I don't know how it works in NC, but in Missouri grandparents do have rights if they have been significant in the child's upbringing. So crossing my fingers for you.

You hang in there. You are so valued here and we all love you and care. And this was a very pleasant surprise to me, to see a post from you, just because I have to finish my four day weekend working :) Hang in there and you've been here longer than I have so you well know that we are here for you.


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Hey yeah I did get antibiotics I'm waiting to see whether they work I really don't want to go in for the colonoscopy. As far as grandparents rights I don't think we have them here in North Carolina. I'm not so much worried with the oldest granddaughter things will work out there as far as the youngest one it may be that we don't see her for quite a while I'm fine with that. At one point it looked like they were going to try to say whether or not we were going to take care of her as no way in hell I can do it I can barely take care of myself. Sometimes life just has to be that way


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So glad to see you back with us! and, yes, it stinks you have all this going on. I hope you post more often and that things get better. Very quickly.

And you know, it will get better. Things stink so badly and slowly ease up. In the meantime, stay with us. You always have a great outlook; I love your posts - but do not want you hurting.

Please, please take care of your health first. You already know that you cannot be of much use to anybody in your family until YOU are taken care of.


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Hi Janet, glad to see you back! You add so much to this board, so much common sense. Hope life gets easier for you!


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Hello Stranger!

(This is still me - I've changed my username and avatar. Long story!)

Will read your post properly this evening - got to go to work now...



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Welcome Back!! I have missed you!! I am so very sorry about everything going on. Cory is such a total little sh&*! It was fine to have his kids there when he needed you for his home incarceration and when he wanted a break from being a parent, but as soon as he is caught treating you like dirt and you stand up for yourself, then he won't let you see the kids? That is so far out of line I cannot believe it! Even when we were at serious odds with my folks, we did all we could to let the kids see them and keep the kids out of the koi as long as it didn't harm the kids. The kids should be outside the adult stuff and he is an absolute JERK for treating you this way - and for treating his kids this way!

I am so sorry about the diverticulitis and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)! My gma had diverticulitis and her diet made it a whole lot worse or better depending. I hope treatment is better now and you can manage to get it treated and stopped.



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Hi Janet, glad to see you! Are you back in your home with your oldest? I hope he can be of some help to you. Take care of yourself, it's a shame Cory is still up to his old tricks, mainly for the grands...I know how much she means to you. Stay well friend.


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Hi Janet!!!! I had diver, too. I lived on chicken broth and rice while I had it. Had to take two rounds of the antibiotics but then it finally went away...a heating pad was my best friend! Hope it goes away quick for you...


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Yes we are back at "the farm" as Tony calls it. I hate it. It's way too big for me to handle. Tony is realizing that now though which is good. The place stayed a disaster from the time we moved back here the end of February until very recently when Jamie and his family came down. I am simply not able to be on my feet for more than a few minutes so he had to do all the cleaning.


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Hi Janet, welcome back!
Owie! Your pinkie toe and a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?
Well, I hope that figuring out that Cory switched out your medications created a situation where you were able to obtain REAL pain medications and that helped with-your other pain.
I'm so sorry that things are bad, but so glad to see you back.