I'm happpy and hafta share my silly good news


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It really is silly, but very exciting for me, LOL.
I got a new dryer about 5 years ago but before it was a year old, it broke down. BUT I could not handle clearing the way to it so a repairman could look at it due to my illness. Yeesh, how dumb, so as contradictory as it is, I had been going to laundrymat. Then I did not have the money to call, and by then the warranty had expired.
My oven is also not very old, cuz LOL when we bought the house the one here was broken, and then we got a 2nd hand one, and then it broke, and finally we had saved for a new one. Well the week before thanksgiving, IT broke. :-( so we have been cooking only stove top since, and I have had to do without all my beloved baking.
FINALLY we saved enough to call the repairman, and today he came and fixed both. YAY!
I know it might sound so silly........but gosh, laundry for 5 people is heavy........and the jeans and towels take so long to dry and going to the laundrymat has been hard cuz of transporting the kids everywhere and me and son being out of town to eye doctor so much etc...........and PCs uniforms- she only has 2 and they take forever to hang dry.

I am SO excited! As soon as the repairman finished the oven,. I had something to throw in to bake, LOL- while he fixed the dryer.and I had a load of wash all set to get into the dryer from the washer as soon as he finished the dryer, LOL.


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It is the little/big things that make us happy!!! This will be so nice for you. And much easier!!! Happy Baking.


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Well, I'm very happy for you! :grin:

And it's not a "little" thing at all, not when you consider how much aggravation it was for you to do without them! A dryer and a working oven are things that we take for granted - until you don't have them anymore! It would be a huge PITA for me to have to haul wet clothes to the laundromat to dry them! been there done that! And I lived with the stove from Hades for three years before I finally bought a new one last fall. The burners worked on the old one but the oven just kept getting hotter and hotter and hotter... no way to regulate the temperature and I'd have to keep turning it down to keep things from burning. Usually they burned anyway. Now I smile at my new one and give it a little pat every time I walk into my kitchen! Everything works on it! I set the oven temperature to what I want it to be and it STAYS THERE! No constant monitoring! Nothing burns anymore! Whoopie! :laugh: It's made a HUGE difference, to me anyway! So I know exactly what you mean!


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Lol!! That is not silly at all considering all of the extra work going to the laundrymat and worse not even being able to bake anything. Geeze I would be tickled pink myself. I have lived in my home for almost 14 years now, Well I took the carpet out of the family room and it was just cement for like ever and just recently I finally was able to get new carpet.... I am still excited lol!! It looks so nice and new. I had my washing machine break down a while back and was determined to get it fixed so I went online and troubleshooted it and got the part for like $8.00 pulled the motor out and yahoooooo I fixed had it fixed in a matter of a few hours and saved myself a big repair bill had I called somebody out. The stove I would not do though, I don't care to mess with things that have gas or electric so I will not go there. Congrats girl, I'm glad that your life can be a lil easier for ya now.


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That is great.I know how you feel...lol I couldnt do laundry for just a week and I was getting stressed.
Have fun with the fixed dryer and oven....


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ROFL, glad you all understand. :)
Before the guy even left I had brownies cooking in the oven, cuz I have been craving them all week, LOL, and I HATE store bought brownies, do not like bakery brownies either. THEN I made baked mac and cheese with a nice crunchy top, YUMMY. and baked some nice cod. And then I am gonna make some shamrock cookies, in a little bit. ROFL, gosh we are gonna get fat overnite! Sunday I might make a turkey cuz for thanksgiving we boiled it, and tomorrow I am boiling corn beef and cabbage.
Buffy has some Amish friendship bread she thought she was gonna hafta go bake at a friends tomorrow, but now she can bake it here at home. :)

Sadly husband decided I have to replace the ducts for the dryer, cuz...they are not galvinized......and he did not want to be bothered with us doing that tonite.......bummer is today is normal laundry day for the week and we are out of clean fresh bath towels, :-( BUT I decided heck with it. You see, even tho it has been so long that I have been dragging laundry for 5 people to laundrymat, the kids still seem to behave as if we have a dryer.........and generate lots of laundry. I never make anyone go to laundrymat with me cuz actually they sorta drive me nuts there, BUT I told husband if we do not do the ducts tomorrow? HE IS going with me, and HE can carry everything in and out in and out. I do not really mind DOING laundry, but I really HATE dragging it down our front steps, on our unshoveled drive, getting it in the car, and carrying it across the icey parking lot at laundrymay.

So, yeah, I am quite tickled tonite. :) and the house smells so yummy. LOL


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OMG the corned beef and cabbage turned out awesome! SO did the amish friendship bread!
LOL I have been washing and drying laundry happily all day, LOL.
Me and oldest difficult child decided next week we are making chocolate dough cream puffs and filling them with pistachio filling.
It might be cold outside but it is quite warm in here, everyone has been baking all day. Lil dude made pizza for lunch.......easy child made cinnamin rolls........oldest difficult child made the bread........
It really is quite funny.


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Sounds like everyone is enjoying the stove! That is awesome! I can almost smell all your delectible home-cooked goodies!! :wink: