I'm not allowed to tell anyone

pigless in VA

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in real life this but Rozzy (the cat) is taking a nap on the bed with SO (significant other). SO says he hates cats but I hear him talking to her all the time. I think she has won him over, but he will never admit it.


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No she's not, she's a Puppycat! I had a puppycat too. He came when I called him. He also went for walks around the block with us. He would stay right on our side like he was heeling. No leash or anything, he just did it. It was pretty funny to see people's faces when they did that double take as they realized it was a cat.

My puppycat just loved everyone too!


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We had a puppycat too. Rest his soul. We adopted him as a kitten he had feline HIV. He lived a happy healthy 9 years.
He was so much more of a dog than cat. Our vet called him a Dat.
He would go on long walks and even drink from the creek bed with the dogs.