I'm so mad I could just spit!

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    As some of you know, I retired a few months ago after spending more than 24 years working for the State. I intended to work another year and a half but I just couldn't put up with the neverending BS and the frustration any more!

    There were three of us there with the same civil service job title, all hired within weeks of each other, all with approximately the same background and experience (although my resume was probably a little more 'stellar' because of where I worked before), all of us in those same jobs for the entire 24 years we've been there. But that's where the similarities end. And for all these years we (or at least two of us) have been led to believe that we made the same thing!

    Two of us, "S" and I, have worked our hind ends off, way beyond the specifications of our job titles. We took on huge responsibilities, did all those extra things that were asked of us. My job title was "Secretary" in the business office even though I ended up doing the same thing as the accounting people because that's the way it is when you work for the State. Job title has very little to do with what you really do. I had the same training as the accounting staff and was in charge of the entire inventory system and getting the new computer system up and working. "S" pretty much ran her whole department while having the lowly job title of Secretary. She had that place organized and running like clockwork, came in early, stayed late, sometimes even came in on weekends without pay to get it all done, and actually trained her own boss who has a Doctorate degree!

    The third one, "D", has always been regarded as "special". She probably had a quarter of the work load of "S" and I, complained constantly, did only what she wanted to and passed the rest off to someone else, and spent at least half of her day chatting on her cell phone! She's a bit of a joke - just mention her name and the eye-rolling and the head shaking starts! She's the one who was put in my job when I left. She immediately whined her way out of several of the things that I had always done, looked for shortcuts to everything (there weren't any!) and generally bunged everything up royally! She complained about having to do all those extra things that she had never had to do before like doing inventories and making bank runs. My poor, sweet former boss is probably tearing what's left of his hair out by now!

    So ... now that I'm retired, my social security and my pension are both small and money will be tight, but it's worth it. And now that I have all this time on my hands I finally got around to browsing through this data base of all state employees salaries that the newspaper has a link published in the newspaper. And just guess what I found!

    :mad: All this time, ol' lazy pampered "D" (the cell phone queen) has been making $150 a MONTH more than me! WTH!!! And poor little old "S", the energizer bunny of secretaries, makes $180 a month less than "D" and $30 a month less than I was! How "D" managed this I will never know because State employees raises (when we got one) are across the board - everybody gets the same percentage. It's probably gone on for years and somewhere along the line someone did her a favor! Had I been making what she's been making, both my social security and my pension would have been a lot higher and now I will have to settle for this smaller amount FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! And poor little "S", a recent widow, the under paid energizer bunny, she WILL know about this as soon as I can get a hold of her on the phone! It's too late for me but I sincerely hope that she takes this information and files complaints and raises holy hades until they give her the raise she deserves and back pay for what she should have been getting all along!
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    Oh man that just totally stinks to hades and back. But doesn't surprise me much. Squeaky wheel and all that junk. Miss whiney probably needled boss man for raises where you two hard workers wouldn't dream of doing such a thing. ughhh
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    That's just the thing though, that's almost impossible to do now, so it must have happened a looooong time ago and she's been making that much more than the rest of us all this time! Unless you're promoted to a higher position, the only way to get a raise is if EVERYONE in the State gets a raise! ALL State employees. They give a set percentage to ALL State employees, which of course means that the more you make, the bigger your raise is. And there is no such thing as "merit raises" any more, hasn't been for a very long time, and when they did give them it was never done fairly. As it is, State employees here haven't had a raise in four years, even cost of living increase, and our insurance premiums went up every year without fail!

    One thing though ... I was pleasantly surprised to find out that both my social security and my State pension were a little bit higher than I thought they would be. When I went to the social security office, they told me that when they figure out your highest years of salary, they re-figure your previous years salaries to today's dollars and I think they figure the pension amounts that way too. So my piddly little paychecks of ten or fifteen years ago were actually worth a lot more then than what I was getting recently. So I think my retirement income now is based on what I was making about fifteen years ago! Pitiful, isn't it!
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    Yeah- I'd be ticked, too! One thing to keep in mind though- are you going by net pay or gross pay? I wouldn't stress over this if you are going by net pay because it might just be due to tax witholding due to the number of allowable deductions, or something like that.
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    No, this is gross pay, the monthly base rate of pay, and none of us are eligible for any overtime. State employees here are paid so-much a month, not hourly rates or weekly. They divide that amount in half and you get half in the middle of the month and half at the end. So we get the same amount for February with 28 days as we get for October with 31 days. And pay raises (if we ever got one!) are figured in "steps" and one step isn't usually much. So $150 a month is a whooooole lot of steps!

    It would still bother me (a lot!) if it was anyone else, but knowing that it's this particular person, the joke of the institution, the one famous for doing almost no work but constantly whining and complaining and getting out of all the S&!# that the rest of us have had to do all these years, that just sets me off in screaming fits! And when she retires in another few years, she won't have to pinch pennies nearly as tightly as I am!
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    Is it possible that there was a change in pay grade for the position in-between the times that you each were hired? IOW - when "Secretary" was posted on December 15...the position paid $xxx. The when "Secretary" was posted on January 15...the position paid $yyy.
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    No, we were both hired 24 years ago, she was only about a week before me. The third girl came a few months later and we all three started out at the same rate of pay. We all have exactly the same civil service job title. Somewhere along the line, probably many, many years ago, someone pulled some strings for her and she got a big, fat, very undeserved raise! It would have to have been a long time ago because with all the budget problems in recent years, it would be impossible to do this. She knew it and just kept her mouth shut all these years!

    This same person has also had a reserved handicapped parking space for eight years and doesn't have to walk up the big hill where the rest of us "peons" have to park. She fell off her front porch and sprained her ankle EIGHT YEARS AGO ... probably didn't even spill her drink! But her sister is a doctor and her daughter is a PA and she will have that "Handicapped" parking sticker until the day she dies! But then, she's "special"!
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    I really understand your feelings. Trust me I do because I worked for county government and it worked the exact same way. The slight difference may be that a person could brown nose upper management and stick their coworkers in the back and end up with a higher paying job.

    I worked in a very small unit with 3 employees and a supervisor who supervised not only my unit but also another larger unit. One of the three employees decided he had a revelation that he was gay, split up with his wife, hardly did any work while at work and only surfed porn sites and chatted with guys from state computers. Meanwhile, I am working my rear end off and my production was over twice what either of the other two employees put out together. This idiot decides to brown nose the management, tells them I am trouble, goes on my computer to do some of his junk when I am either out sick or after work and not there...and gets me in trouble! Why do I want on "menonmen.com"? (I dont think that is a real site for what its worth) He gets promoted to Supervisor and I get shown the door. Last I heard he was working for the state making policy for welfare...shudders.
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    Janet, I think you've got it! She never got any kind of promotion, still the same job title as me and "S" and should have been the exact same rate of pay! That's the way these government jobs go though ... there are all kinds of rules and regulations but when it comes right down to it, they can and will do whatever they want to! Makes me furious though! If I had known that before, I would have been outta there a long time ago! I'm lucky though in that I had enough years in to retire and was old enough to collect my social security. The third girl, "S" is not. She has enough years in but has several more years to go before she's eligible for SS and she'll just have to put up with all the BS for a while longer. That's why I'm going to make darned sure she knows about this so she can go in and talk to them about about getting her salary adjusted to where it should be! This will make a HUGE difference to her in a few years when she's ready to retire.