In patient by choice.......I think


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I received a text from my 19 year old son this morning that he was at the hospital seeking mental health treatment. He said he was ok and wanted to handle it on his own and please let him. He texted a few hours later to say he loved us and that he was being admitted inpatient to the mental health hospital. This comes after a rocky three months where he has been directionless and impulsive. He said they were taking his phone and he would update when he could. Of course, because he is 19 I am unable to get any more information. I guess buried in all my terror of what is going on, I feel thankful that he is reaching out for help. I just have to sit and wait and see what next. I tell myself that he is safe although I am sick with what could have gotten him there. I guess I am posting to ask if anyone knows what i might expect? Like how long would he stay, does he need change of clothes(toiletries,etc?), should I be calling a long term rehab and get on their waiting list(assuming they have one).


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Do you know what hospital he is in? Maybe you could just send a supportive letter or card at thus point, telling him how you are proud of him for getting help. Ksm


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Let him tell you if he needs anything. Each hospital has its own personality and plan.

He asked to do it humself. Forget you calling rehab. If that is next, he will do it.

This is a good step. Let him be strong for himself. It is the norm to take phones from patients and he may be wearing hosputal gowns. They dont allow things like razors and blow dryers in most psychiatric hospitals. Dont be Mommy. Be proud Mother of a mature young adult who is doing a hard step himself. It doesnt matter why he did it. It matters that he did! Good for him!

Love and light!
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I agree with swot how long he stays is yet to be determined. Let him do this on his own so he can build his confidence. They may call you for family support at some point but they may not. It is up to his dr. It is good that he chose this.