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    Many of us have heard for years about how Dawn dish soap is the best soap for cleaning wildlife caught in oil spills. We have seen the commercials, news stories, etc... Many of us have probably contributed to relief efforts by buying Dawn.

    Or we THOUGHT we did!

    Am I the only one who just noticed that you have to go online and activate your purchase before the $1 is counted?? I am willing to bet that there are a whole lot of people who didn't realize they had to do that.

    I am somewhat surprised that P&G does not ask for personal info (name, email, household demographics, favorite products) when you enter your code. It asks for the code from the bottle, the store where you bought the product and your zip code. I thought it would be another way to collect personal info, emails, etc...

    The max donation is $500,000 and the site says that they already have codes for $441,311.

    Is this just another way that companies can get info on you? A way to limit the money they truly must donate while maximizing the effect of their charitable donation? Or is it for some other reason?

    What do you think about the need to visit a website after you purchase the soap? Reasonable for the size of the donation ($1 per bottle)? Just another way to look like they are doing more than they are? Is the website just another cost that the donation will have to cover or do you think the costs associated with the website will be paid for out of other funds? Is the donation just another marketing gimmick designed to make you buy expensive soap and to get you to give up personal information to a large company?

    Could this website be a way that the company wants to educate their customers about the wildlife issues and their products?

    The website is
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    P&G is so huge... I'm sure that whatever costs are incurred to administer the program are written off as an expense just like the $500K is written off. It's likely a drop in the bucket for them. And the data they collect is probably just to see which parts of the country respond. Lets them know if the program advertising is working, which markets are stronger, etc. They don't have to implement these programs at all. But it IS good PR and it DOES help towards a worthy cause. If it was truly a tactic to gather customer info, they would have asked for more specifics from you.
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    It is good PR for the company, and by going this route they collect a little data on sales.

    There have been some articles on this that make one think about this rescue effort. One said that historically only 10% of the impacted birds are ever found and the other said that most of the cleaned up birds will die anyway from stress, liver or kidney damage and that it may be more humane just to euthanize them.

    Very sad.
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    SRL, I've heard similar stats on the rescue efforts as well. And the birds that do survive usually cannot be released back into the wild. What a mind-boggling mess.
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    Considering that Dawn is the #1 and about the ONLY degreaser safe enough and effective enough to save the wildlife - I think that 1/2 a million donation is a ploy. I bet they make 1/2 a million a day in just sales in LA. FOR the salvage of not only wildlife but everything else effected by this putrid disaster.

    Sorry - Our house will NOT buy BiPolar (BP) products and if those people go out of work like their namby pamby commercials state? Well then I think BiPolar (BP) should compensate THEM too.

    THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED at the ENTIRE thing - No back up system for something like that? COMPLETE NEGLIGENCE AND STUPENDOUS IDIOCY.

    Color me completely red and pulling my hair out over it all.......MORONS.