Is this good enough? A mem. for my brother that pasted away.


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This will go in our local paper in the first of March issue. My bro has been gone for 10 years on March 3. Do you think this is good enough? Is it ok to do this? Thanks Kathy

In Memory of Danny

Thomas D. B.
March 3,1997

We miss you so much.
So many things just didnt sound right,
on that cold and dreadful night.I could'nt bare to hear those ugly words,
"We've lost Danny"
My God what could she mean?
For my sister could barely let it stream.
So now we start every tomorrow without you!
Those tomorrows have brought you grandson's you would just love.
Daughters, that would make you stand with pride.
One, we never have by our side.

Mom, now thats another story..
for you took her heart with you that night,
I always pray that she will be alright.
You see, you were her only son.

As for us sisters, there so much all of us wanted to say.
For you were our older and younger "bro"
How we loved to tease you so.
It was all in love and a closeness we felt we could do,
now its so hard to be without you.
We hear a song that reminds us of you,
finally now when we hear this song we can smile
and remember our Desperado.
All your friends would agree, I think so.

We know that you are a "Wendy" day.
Still fishing in waters that are "Crystal" clear everyday.
In the woods where you were a hunter ,your footprints have
disapeared, for the gentle "Autumn" rains.
The hunter has just gone home from the hill....

Your sister, Kathy L.


(the future) MRS. GERE
It's lovely, Kathy. I got a huge lump in my throat reading it. A very loving tribute.

Are the "names" at the end the names of your/his sisters?