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    Cory quit his job at Burger King in mid december...actually the weekend of 12/15 because he got pink eye and they wouldnt let him go back to work without going to a doctor (which I totally understand but I was out of town and couldnt take him to one).

    Now BK holds back the first check till the following pay period...its odd. So he had to work there for a month before he could even get a fact he had already quit when he got the first check. On the 31st he went to get his first check and he took in his uniform so they wouldnt be able to take that out of his LAST check which he assumed he would get on the NEXT pay period which would have been today.

    Well...we went today to get that check but they said they didnt have a check for him. They claim that he had already been paid two checks...ummm...not. We took him to get his first check and it shows clearly that it was his first check. YTD and all that good stuff. Now there is a discrepancy between what this manager claims the hours are on the second check and what cory claims the hours should be on his last check but I dont know how we can find out who is lying. I dont believe this manager for a minute myself. She tried to tell me that when Cory called in with the pink eye that instead of telling them he was sick that he told them I had been killed in a gang land killing. Billy was sitting right next to him when he called them!

    Manager also claims Cory would walk out of work when I dropped him off and not work but I dont buy that either because he was behind the counter working when I picked him up and he didnt work there that long...only about 2 and a half it wasnt that many days. I also called several times to find out what time he was getting off and they would tell me...why would they do that if he wasnt even there? I think she is lying.

    This woman claims she can get a copy of this second check. I told her to please do that.

    Meanwhile Cory is having 7 cows and a horse, cussing everyone out and basically showing what jerk he can be and getting the cops called on him. Im trying desperately to explain to him that you can deal with things like an adult and not a two year old but I was getting no where.

    We finally got out of there with the cops giving him a stern talking to and him agreeing to leave BK alone, letting me deal with this, yada yada.

    I think this manager is trying to mess with him because she thinks he is young. She actually told the cops he was 16! Where she got that idea I have no idea because he doesnt look that young to me and he sure wouldnt tell anyone that.
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    On the back of EVERY burger king receipt - there is a number you can call and ask questions, make comments - etc.

    More thank likely they are independently owned, BUT - there has to be a bookkeeper in the corporate office. That mgr. is NOT doing payroll. Call corporate.

    Sorry about Cory getting so upset - you didn't need the hassle. What I really want to know is if you got fries with that shake?

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    Oh Jeez Janet. My first reaction upon reading your post was, "yep, I'd totally believe the manager over difficult child any day" only because sooOOOOoooOOOoo many times I backed difficult child up only to learn that difficult child was snowing me. I'm sorry that this has happened and that cory is reacting to badly to it.

    Definitely making them provide a copy of the second check is the way to go just to get started. Good luck.
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    I would believe the manager too except for some of the things she said just dont add up. Like her saying that the day he called in sick he called in saying I was killed. oldest son Billy (who wouldnt cover for him on a bet) was sitting right next to him and let him use his cell phone to make that call and heard the entire conversation!

    Then she was saying stuff about Cory not showing up for work when I was here when Cory was calling up begging them to let him come in to work MORE hours. I would take him in and then go get him and when I got there to pick him up he was always BEHIND the counter not just sitting outside like he could be hiding somewhere. And then there were times that I would call the store to check to see when he would get off so I could see if I could coordinate ride times for Billy and Cory and they would tell me...why do that if he wasnt even there? Makes no sense.

    Like I said...he didnt work that many days for all this to have gone on. There are 7 days that are unaccounted for and I know of one day that he worked approximately 6.5 hours, another 5 hours, and the rest he probably worked 3 or 4 hours per day with a day off or two.
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    Janet - (afterthought)

    Ask the mgr. for copies of his time cards. Those she should have on hand. If she said she sent them to corporate - then get their number and deal with-them.
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    She should be able to print out timecards, and they should show if there are any times a manager changed them. If they are on the same software our BK is.

    So sorry Cory was such a jerk about it. I understand being upset, angry, but he still could handle it better for YOUR sake, if nothing else.

    They should have a documented reason why they fired him. Is she the person who he spoke to when he called in? Did she actually know who he was before he showed up?

    Jeepers, like you needed more to handle. I am so very sorry such a small errand became so complicated.


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    The others gave great advice.

    I just wanted to give you some (((hugs))). Hope you can get it sorted out quickly.
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    Oh the Bk I worked for tried to not pay me for the time I worked there (very brief as I didn't realize how horrid it would be when I was younger). Sorry you are having to deal with this.