It's Been Sometime Since I Posted-Son In Jail


hi everyone! It has been sometime since I last posted. Yes, my son was in jail and I was on edge not knowing what was going on with him. I did visit him when I could though and did receive phone calls from him. He is slowly changing and it has been exciting to see the Lord work in his life. He is currently out right now, sort of in between charges, and is on probation and officially has a felony record. He is now involved in more serious charges and we will know the outcome to those in a few months. He may be back in jail for a year or two. In the meantime, he has really matured in the last few months. I was not able to hold his hand through anything so he had to make some very tough decisions on his own. I was able to spend a few days with him before he volunteered to go into a long term drug rehab. He likes his life right now, he know that he may have to go back to jail for awhile but he realizes that the years of bad living have completely caught up with him. For some time it looked like he might be locked away a long time and that was enough to scare him and made him pick up a bible for comfort. His life may not be much fun for a few years but he said he loves feeling good and loves learning about faith and getting to know his family. Jail and the possibility of being locked away for a long time has really set him straight. It still isn't an easy road for all involved but it's great to see him take control of his mess himself. He stays in constant contact with his po and his public defender. I don't even have to act like a nagging mommy making him do anything, I am not involved with any of his legal mess except that he talks to me about it when he gets scared about what the future may hold. The Lord has done an amazing job in his life. In the meantime, I still go to my therapist to keep myself from slipping back into bad habits and I am also fortunate that I travel a lot with my job and that keeps me busy.


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I am a cat lover, too, and I have a son in jail who sounds somewhat similar to yours. He had a felony conviction for dealing will be released soon, and I do feel a glimmer of hope. He has a long road ahead, but I believe he wants to change. I am happy for you, and for your son, especially for him to have found a higher power. I think so many people who are hurting have a God-sized hole they mistakenly try to fill with many adddictions to hide the pain.

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Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear that things are going better. It's always nice to read a positive post.