Its Midnight Go To Sleep!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Liahona, Aug 24, 2011.

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    This is a vent. I'm sitting by easy child 1's bed making sure she stays in it, listening to her singing. Its midnight and she is wide awake. She had a late nap. She doesn't normally take a nap, but she crashed on the floor. I was dealing with other stuff and didn't get her up. This is my own fault.

    The positive side to this is we've had a nice little girl talk. After a few hours I let her get up (about 10 pm) and we had hot bread. We talked about Santa Clause (she likes him and wants stuff and candy. She thinks putting it in socks is silly.) We talk about difficult child 1. "David doesn't like me." We talk about easy child 2 and easy child 3. (She thinks its very funny when he has a milk face.) We sang songs. She told me she likes Papa. I noticed that every topic she started with "I" and it would end with "we". (I like cinnamon bread turned into we like cinnamon bread.) It was the best time we've had in a long time. Now 2 hours later I really want her to sleep. She is being very good; especially with how board she must be. She isn't mad. She is singing songs and if I don't sit here she'll turn the light on and wake easy child 2 up.

    ok, end of vent.

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    1 am. easy child 1 just went to sleep. Now easy child 3 is waking up. At least he goes back to sleep. Its going to be a very long day.
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    Doesn't that just stink. I went through that during the first 18 months of my boys' lives. They are twins and NEVER did anything at the same time, including sleep. It was very tiring. Hopefully you got some QUALITY sleep even if you didn't get the quantity.
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    You need 'that' book. Of course, it's just for parents to vent and not feel alone. You sounded very calm - maybe too tired to get riled up? LOL you can see a nice preview of it on FB click on the photo then view the album.
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    Warning! Alert! Use Caution! LOL!!

    From experience with a easy child who did the same thing be onguard. Having a wonderful one on one time with Mommy late at night can quickly become a much valued treat which results in sleep pattern changes.'s been over forty years but it happened to me. My awesome and smart little easy child figured out that after one night of being "up" when the other kids were assleep made her special. Sure enough she made the choice to wake up frequently to have me all to herself! I had to change my whole demeanor and exclude all treats, all chit chat etc. and just sit silently next to here bed. Then...since I was no fun...she got back to sleeping all night by herself.

    Funny thing was that I didn't "pick up on it" right away. Then I heard her tell her easy child brother about her special time and instantly knew he would start doing it soon too. Crisis averted by being dull and very silent. It was, truth be told, a "special time" for me too. DDD