It's Week Thirteen, what have you seen...

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    this week as a positive in your new healthy lifestyle committment?

    So we've made it to dreaded week thirteen :ghoul:!!!

    I've made some good progress and am very pleased. Monday the gym owner did my measurements. It's been one month of working out and she suggested measuring monthly. They just do your right side. I lost 1 3/4 inches on my right upper arm, 1 inch in my bust, 1 inch in my waist, 1 1/4 inches on my hips and the dreaded thighs didn't budge! So I lost 5" total in a month and I was thrilled. And to top that off, I finally hit my 25 pound mark last night at WW for a grand total of 25.2 pounds in 12 weeks. I'm feeling very optimistic that I can do this! It's becomming more fun to challenge myself at the gym instead of it being just "work". I'm enjoying the new cooking experiences and have found some foods I never thought I would enjoy.

    My next goal is my 10% loss - not too much to go there. My goal after that is to have lost 45 pounds by the time we go to the beach in June. That's what I'm working for now. That, and the strength to try and quit smoking.

    So, how was your week 13? Was it good luck or bad luck to find yourself in this week?

    Let's hear from you. :jumphappy:

  2. Fran

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    What great news Sharon. You are doing so well. I can see you on the beach enjoying your new figure and not having your thighs stick together(makes me nuts)Keep going. Your attitude is infectious.

    I'm good. I'm pretty much where I want to be weight wise even though I'm always playing with the notion of a 5 or 10 more lbs.
    Still need to do strength training exercise but one step at a time.

    I am finally feeling like I am coming out from under the avalanche that was moving and settling in. I think I was so overwhelmed by everything that everything became a chore. I'm feeling better.

    So week 13 hasn't brought surprises but no disappointments either.
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Sharon - Way To Go girl - you'll be in teen bras in no time!

    Fran - Glad to hear you are still committed....that almost sounds right! If I had your two furpeople - I would get roller blades ! lol

    I just don't know - I'm at a stand still BUT the postitive is I'm not giving up - so it IS a lifestyle change. I keep watching for WW dinners or Lean Cuisine on sale and stock up -

    I am investigating weight loss due to your metabolic body type. Or eat yourself thin - only thing is - my type is endomorphic and it says tuna and salmon are good for me to eat - and well let's say Fish ain't my dish.

    But I like that I'm sticking with the WW.....finding new dinners to enjoy every day. Today was meatloaf - not as bad as it sounds -

  4. Wiped Out

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    Sharon-You are doing so well!! :congrats: You should be very proud of you!

    Fran-Glad you are doing well! Glad you are feeling settled in! That always feels good.

    Star-Glad you are sticking with the ww dinners!

    Me-well I'm not doing well with the fitness or weight right now. I think this is about my 3rd or 4th week of this. Today was especially bad. I'm not doing a good job of avoiding treats in the lounge. I have good intentions but you know how that goes.

    Even the working out isn't as good as usual. I said in the morning thread I'm sort of in a funk. I think a lot has to do with difficult child not doing well and the weather isn't helping either but still all of that is an excuse. I'm used to not letting the weather or difficult child stop me from working out so I'm not sure exactly why this is so hard right now.

    I did go for an hour walk today with a co-worker. It was nice. Tomorrow I'm going to try to make myself go to the club. Of course, difficult child has a therapist appointment after work and they are calling for two inches of rain... just the weather I want to go out in!

    Alright-I'm done with my whine!

  5. trinityroyal

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    Hello everyone,

    Sharon (LDM), congratulations on hitting the 25 lb milestone, and doing so well with the measurements. That's great!

    Fran, glad to hear that you're starting to feel less overwhelmed from the move. Sometimes it feels like forever. It ties in nicely with the reawakening of everything during spring

    Star-Your persistence is inspirational. I hope you find the secret that unlocks the weight loss for you. Have the doctors been able to give you any insight? Could it be thyroid issues? Insulin resistance? (I posted about the GI Diet a while back. I will try to find the references, because it seems to help with those things)

    Sharon (WO), {{{{{hugs}}}}}. Sorry that you're feeling bleh. difficult child issues, crappy weather and stress overall can really do a number on your motivation.

    It has been a rollercoaster week for many things going on all at once.

    Physically, things are ticking along.
    I'm still walking, doing Pilates, and "exercising" with Little easy child. His latest idea was to set the treadmill incline to the highest level, and then "snowboard" down the hill. We would each take turns jumping on at the top and then sliding down to the bottom and rolling off the end of the belt. The treadmill doesn't have any sharp corners to catch on clothing, so there was no danger and boy was it fun!

    At dance class on Tues, I worked with one of the female teachers to learn about "Ladies' Style and Flair" That involved a lot of extra wiggling of the hips, and very dramatic arm and hand movements. They're turning me into a Diva! Strangely, I find myself walking differently now...I seem to carry myself with more confidence, which I like. (husband says I look taller, which at 5'2" is an accomplishment)

    Emotionally, I am feeling a bit better, especially with the nicer weather. Slowly, I am starting to face my emotions and do the exercises that my therapist gave me. Sharon, thanks for your words of encouragement in last week's thread. They helped me to realize that fear is the first emotion I need to explore. Until I get past that, I can't really look at the hurt and pain and anger. I go.

    Keep strong, everyone. I'm proud of all of us for sticking with this.

  6. SRL

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    Way to go girls, forward progress, a standstill instead of a backslide, and moving your body at all are a cause for kudos, in my opinion!

    Last week I lost 6 pounds of the 10 pounds I put on rapidly when I started blood pressure medications. I suspect I really own the rest, courtesy of Girl Scout cookies and cheesy potatoes. After 2 bad reactions to BiPolar (BP) medications--one of which sent me to ER--I'm scared enough that I've stepped up my committment to lifestyle changes. I used more caution in selecting foods, did far less grazing and mindless eating, and stopped whatever I could and used relaxation techniques whenever I felt my heartrate and/or palpitations kicking up.

    3 times this week I went to my favorite park in town and made a loop (about 1 mile, I think). I've made up my mind I need to go right after I drop kids off to school or else I will come home and other distractions will take priority. My body handled the walking a lot better than it did last summer when I tried it plus as a bonus I'm getting to watch a mama duck close-up on her nest.