Jig Saw Puzzle Experts...input please.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. DDD

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    A long time close friend has a husband who is fighting depression. As a result he is no longer going to work and is withdrawn. He is a Floridian. I asked her if "maybe" a jig saw puzzle left on one of their tables "might" provide an activity other than tv and sleeping. She "thinks" so and suggested a "beach scene".

    As you all know I hate to shop and am not very good at it. SO what I want to know is: (1) how many pieces seems right for an educated adult? (2) how do you know a good quality puzzle from a sorry quality puzzle since you can't see inside the box? (3) is there a "name brand" or "a price" that guides you and (4) where do you shop for puzzles?

    I don't want to send a sorry puzzle. on the other hand my finances require that I not go overboard. Right? Right!
    Thanks in advance to my CD experts and CD researchers. Hugs DDD
  2. HaoZi

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    How many pieces gives good challenge depends on the size of the puzzle. The major puzzle fanatics want many smaller pieces, while someone just starting out will want an easier puzzle to put together. I'd say something on the scale of 500-1000 pieces would be reasonable for most adults that are needing a challenge but aren't major fanatics that want the impossible ones (like reversible, every piece same shape, all one color, etc).

    You can find some in the games section at Wal-Mart.
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    Thanks, H. We do have a Walmart in town but I remember clearly (well, lol, as clearly as an old woman can remember) that some of the "cheap" puzzles got frayed edges and could only be completed once..if at all. I have not dealt with Depression so I have no idea if 1000 pieces would be TOO stressful but 500 pieces would be an even pace. Geez, Louise! Truthfully I wish I could go back to my youth when every blankin' thing didn't have perils attached. LOL DDD
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    I'm a puzzle-fanatic.

    The quality of the cut is more important than the number of pieces.
    I really enjoy a good-cut puzzle of any size... but if it's a poor cut, 500 would be max.

    My best brand... is Springbok. Always a quality fit, and some really unique shapes to the puzzles.
  5. DDD

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    I found one to send and it did not include a Florida beach. Yikes! It's crazy how hard it is to shop especially when you "know" what you're looking for. I did it online so I'm not tempted to drag the selection process out. Fingers crossed that they both enoy it....it is a sincere gesture of friendship. DDD
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    You could also suggest going to www.jigidi.com. It is an online jigsaw puzzle sight where you pick from pictures that others have uploaded and made into puzzles and there is a wide variety. You just do them on your computer using the mouse to move the pieces. I love this site because we rarely have room to do a puzzle. It is my fave of the online jigsaw puzzle sites.

    I would go with a 500 piece puzzle and just send a walmart one for now. If they can pick it up you could even send it to the store by their home to pick up when convenient, if they regularly shop there.