Job interview. Fingers crossed.


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I let him take the car to a job interview. Not a job a want him to get, but at this point, it's better than nothing, and the interview keeps him occupied, and gets him out of the doldrums.
He is interviewing as a pizza delivery guy.
Yes, a driving job. :eek:
The supervisor told him it was pretty much first come, first serve and that he was hiring 5 people.

difficult child has stayed after school every day (despite going to the library twice instead of sitting with the teacher as I had requested, but did sit with his history teacher today, and it was confirmed via email). Three of his grades have moved up. One will probably never make it to a D, but it's worth trying. The rest are clearly approaching a D and even a C.
The teachers are actively emailing me.

difficult child brushed his teeth today for the first time in a month.
He is wearing a t-shirt, over which is a dress shirt, over which is a maroon hoodie. Not the greatest fashion statement but we'll see how it goes.
He needed his driving record for the interview, and pulled up the first search online. Too expensive, so he fell for a $1.00 scam where all you do is provide the seller with your email address and home address--IOW, pay to add to their mailing list--and all you get is a blank DMV form to fill out, which you can get for free in person. He was so anxious to have something to hold in his hand, and so excited about the interview, I went ahead and did it and told him to show up for the interview and tell the guy that he will get the actual form in person tomorrow. I used my "online" credit card, which I reserve only for online purchases, and it is breached once a month anyway by some scammer.
He is SO impulsive. I pointed out the ".org" at the end of the website, and said it should say ".gov." I hope he learned something.
He is so very, very bipolar lately. Up and down. I really want the psychiatrist to diagnosis difficult child with-bipolar so that difficult child can understand what is going on, on top of everything else.
One day at a time.

His former girlfriend's mom and I cancelled today's meeting. We decided we would have more to talk about after the ultrasound and a talk with a bona fide OBGYN. So we will meet on the 17th or after.
One day at a time.

One day at a time.
My fave quote, by Ashleigh Brilliant: "I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once."


one day at a time
Terry, I hear that you are worried today, but slightly encouraged. Your post sounds like you get it---all of the complexity and heartache and wishes for a better outcome.

One day at a time.

My fave quote, by Ashleigh Brilliant: "I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once."

Keeping this as your mantra, as well as the Serenity Prayer---is the pathway to daily peace.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.
As well as being able to laugh about what life throws at us!

Consider it a blessing, if you can, that he is where he is, and you are where you are. I think that is no coincidence, and perhaps he will be able to do something new for himself.

Warm hugs today! It's Friday! Do something very nice for yourself today.


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It was the worst night in the world.
husband cannot handle stress.
And we had told difficult child he couldn't have the car back until his grades came up.
So instead of taking it slowly, and letting him figure it out all by himself, husband blew up at difficult child and told him that under no circumstances could he use our car for any job. And why did he waste his time applying anyway?
(Because he's a difficult child.)
BIG screaming match.
difficult child left and didnt' come back for a day.
Still getting them to calm down ... mad at both ...I have TWO kids now...


one day at a time
Oh Terry, I'm sorry. Ugh. I remember days just like that, when I was trying to mediate (I was furious too, but had to keep my cool) while ex-husband and either son would go at it. Three kids, not two.

I get what you are saying. The stress in a household with even normal stuff is over the top at times. Add a Difficult Child/difficult child to the mix, and it's way, way out of control.

What about you in all of this? Can you do something nice for YOU today? Get away for a while.
Breathe? Retail therapy or just sit at a bookstore, read a book and enjoy one of those ridiculously overpriced coffees?

Whatever it is, think about yourself right now. Difficult Child and husband will go on. They will even out. You can't fix it and make it all better, as we all know.

One day at a time. Sometimes one minute or one hour at a time.

Warm hugs. We are here for you on this Saturday.


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Actually, it's getting worse for me.
Yesterday at 7 a.m., cousin P fell and broke her hip. I met her at the ER a couple of hrs later. Spent the entire day and half of the night at the hospital. I was exhausted.
She did well with the surgery.
Or so I thought.
Today, I discovered that she had had no pain medications except Tylenol after the surgery, and not a single psychiatric medication.
She lost a lot of blood, and her blood pressure was extremely low.
I handed them a DNR, by coincidence (I was holding off because it's old, and our puppy ate half of it and it's embarrassing) but by coincidence, it happened to be today that I brought it to the nurses' station. The nurse changed her tune and said that she could call the dr and give cousin P pain medications, just a liquid form of Tylenol by IV that is very strong, because of the DNR.
WTH? Torture an 86-yr-old right after hip surgery when she wants to die anyway?
I told her that the pain medications could kill her and she said she didn't care. I know. She has told me that a million times before.
She is now wearing a purple DNR bracelet. Her blood pressure came up a bit. They gave her two units of blood.


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So, last night, during surgery, one of the nurses said I had time to run out for dinner. There is an area nearby with a lot of chain restaurants. I drove over there in the rain and could smell all the charbroiled meats, and thought, oh, how wonderful, grilled chicken and a glass of wine.
But all of the lines were too long.
I wanted to get back within an hr so I could be there when Cousin P came out of surgery into the recovery room.
I went to Trader Joe's and bought sliced turkey, strawberry grain-something bars, a strawberry drink and a banana. I sat in the hospital pkng lot and fought like h*ll with-that stupid turkey pkg. I found a fingernail clipper and it took 10 min to get the pkg open. I'm sitting there in the rain, near tears, practically hearing my blood sugar thudding down, dying for some food.
Finally ate ...


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Got my car washed today.
Picked up an application for the car wash.
Hope he fills it out. He can smash other people's cars off the rails in the soap bay ... and nothing husband can do about it.
:ohmygod: :childish:
Hey, I'm picking up applications for grocery stores, mattress suppliers, you name it. I think he should be filling out applications left and right.
His ex-girlfriend's mom has two job interviews tomorrow. The bank is foreclosing on the house.
I told difficult child that she has two interviews (but not about the house). He said, "Why does she get two interviews, and I've only gotten one in the last month?"
I said, "Do you want to do house cleaning?"
"I could."
And I have to say, it's absolutely hysterical that girlfriend's mother even has these interviews. She HATES house cleaning and only cleaned when Human Services came over to inspect the house because she was taking care of her mother. Her toilet doesn't work (I asked to use the bathroom once and she shouted, "NO!" The front door knob is missing and she has to open it with a wrench. And don't even get me started about the bedrooms and the dogs and ...)

But I still hope she gets a job.