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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by nvts, Jan 22, 2011.

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    How did the doctors visit go? My fingers are wearing down my beads and I would love to hear how it went!

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    I've been wondering too.
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    I'm getting nervous...
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    Please check in...
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    PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE answer us. Your "family" is worried about you! My gray hairs are multiplying from the stress of waiting. lol.
  7. susiestar

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    Jonesy, you can't just leave us hanging like this!!!!!!!! PLEASE post and let us know how things are going. You and baby are in our prayers!!!
  8. 1905

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    I hope all is well. Here's a (((hug))) too.
  9. Hound dog

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    Hoping all is well. Please update us soon.

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    Sorry everyone that I haven't posted anything... This weekend has been CRAZY! My bloodpressure was still VERY high when I went in on Friday (158/92). The dr. told me that he wanted me to have it checked a few times over the next week it see if it is the time of day I see him or high all day. My gluclose test came back normal, but I had high protein in my urine from my 24 hr. urinalisis. He didnt say much about the high protein, just that he would want to recheck that as well some time in the future. I think that depending on what my bloodpressure readings are this week will determine wheather or not he increases my bloodpressure medication... Thank god, no mention of bed rest yet. (Even though I know it is just a matter of time!) This has really gotten me worried about being ready for when the baby is born - once on bed rest my shopping days are OVER! I did manage to get a ittle bit of shopping in today, since I had to look for new snowpants for B1 (LUCKY me, he LOST his first pair at school & they have MIA for a whole week... NOT good when our high temps today aren't making it out of the low teens!) I bought baby Emily one of those "My Brest Friend" pillows (has anyone every heard of them? My cousin swears that they are the best nursing pillow available). The OB wants to see me back again this coming Thrusday afternoon, so I will keep everyone posted on any new developments... Once again, I am exteremly sorry that I had everyone worried!
  11. tiredmommy

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    Thanks for the update... I was getting worried. I'm glad you're not on bed rest. I was under threat of bed rest for most of my pregnancy with Duckie due to a low-lying placenta. It was very stressful.
  12. nvts

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    Yay! I'm so glad you got us updated! Great news that there's not bedrest in sight. They put me in the hospital with the Weeble on Dec. 23 and told me that I was going to be in for the duration (her due date was Feb. 2nd.). I told my O/B (that I kept calling by his first name - I LOVE doing that to Doctors - if they laugh I know we're a match - if they act snippy - I know we won't click!) that I had 3 kids with Aspbergers at home and they'd go off the deep end if that was the case - 2 days before Christmas - yeah right!). AH was not ANY help throughout the pregnancy (never came to a prenatal - came to the hospital 1 time while I was in - 9 days) and I knew those kids would be neglected if I wasn't home.

    He let me out - grudgingly - if I promised to take it easy. HA!

    Trust me: If they say bedrest - do whatever you have to to stay down. I was in the hospital for 9 days because of the damage I did. Be careful!

    Keep up the good work! We know you're "knittin' us a cutie!"

  13. Hound dog

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    Hmm. Not sure I like that high protein in your urine test, most especially coupled with the high blood pressure. I certainly hope doctor keeps on top of this and doesn't mess around.

    I'm sure he's already told you to avoid salt. The high protein in the urine is the kidney's are having issues handling the stress...... probably brought on by the high b/p.

    Fast food is loaded with salt. Of course snack foods. You know, anything that tastes good. lol But watch canned/processed foods for high salt content too. Eating frozen/fresh veggies ect would be a lot better for you right now.

    Nurses Hat Is Firmly In Place: Now, if doctor says go to stay down as much as you possibly can and delegate, delegate, delegate. You don't have to ly down to stay down and resting. A chair will do with feet propped up. Reduce physical exertion to bare minimum, in other words family members are to spoil you rotten, wait on your hand and foot, and do what you'd normally do. If the house is a wreck.......who cares? If they care, they can clean it for you. Actually, while trying to get the blood pressure down you should reduce your physical activity as much as you can. I don't want to scare you to death, but pre-eclampsia is dangerous to YOU first, baby second. Your kidney's can fail, you can have siezures, stroke........and it goes straight down hill from there. Which is why if they can't get it under control they deliver the baby.

    Like I said, not trying to scare you silly, but many people don't realize just how serious pre-eclampsia actually is for the mother to be.

    Will continue praying for you and our newest lil cutie pie.

  14. DammitJanet

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    Glad no bed rest yet. Thought on shopping for little one.

    If you can, hit up Ebay for lots of stuff for newborn and the first couple of months. You can find tons of stuff on there for amazingly low prices if you watch for what they call "mixed lots". I normally got these late at night for next to nothing and got quite a few outfits at one time. Many times the shipping was more than the price I

    I dont know if you have done Ebay before but I will explain how I did it just in case you havent.

    I would go on and look for clothing in infants...girls...size NB to 3 mos.

    Then I would check the box marked Mixed Lots. Then I would click the box marked "ending soonest"

    From there I would see what was available in the most items for lowest prices. Many times there were lots with 10 to 15 or more that hadnt been bid on or where going out in just a few minutes so I would try to out bid something that had a starting bid of just a few bucks. I have gotten 15 outfits for as low as 4 bucks plus shipping! And this stuff looks almost brand new. I mean baby's outgrow clothes before they wear them out. You can also check out the Buy Now section because lots of folks just want stuff gone. It may not be quite as cheap but you may get 40 items for 20 bucks shipping included.

    Right now I am waiting for an item I bought brand new off Ebay...a custom designed pair of jeans and a tee shirt with Justin Bieber on it for my granddaughter! LOL. Now this I paid a bit more for but its custom and its a present. I paid 20 for the jeans and 10 for the shirt. The shirt has her name on it along with a pick of Justin. The jeans have two pics of him on it...she is absolutely gonna go ape over this...lmao.
  15. trinityroyal

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    Jones, thanks for posting the update. I agree with everyone's advice...if they are talking about bed rest, start taking it as easy as you can now and head them off at the pass.

    I was on hospital bed rest for the last month with the Tot Monsters, and that was a killer. I was allowed up once per day for a shower, and if I was going stir-crazy, husband was allowed to take me out for a (short) spin in the wheelchair, but that was IT. If you can slow down and do bed rest at home, it will be much more comfortable for you. That said, if the docs order bed rest or hospital bed rest, please do exactly what they say -- best for you and baby Emily.

    As for shopping and getting ready, now's the time to call in favours that you're owed. Get friends and family to clean, cook and freeze, help in whatever ways they can. And get to love online shopping. Janet's recommendation of ebay is a good one, and I keep seeing sales at places that sell baby stuff.
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    Thanks for all the advice... I am beginning to feel so extremely tired at the ends of my days (especially today for some reason) - I am going to put my fweet up as soon as I am done typing here, because it does seem to help some...I am however, thinking to myself how in the world am I going to make it through the next 3 months?
  17. HaoZi

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    One we did (learned it from someone else) was instead of having a baby shower, have a diaper and wipe party. Getting well stocked on those from the get-go saves a lot of hassle and expense, since clothes can be found at bargain prices. If everyone brings one box of diapers and one box of wipes (you can ask they get various sizes of diapers), you wouldn't believe how much it can help.
  18. nvts

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    With Us! :getwell::group-hug:
  19. tiredmommy

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    Do you have a laptop & wifi? If not, now is the time to upgrade. Or at least reconfigure your bedroom so you can go online while the kiddos and husband are at work. You also need a working telephone next to the bed (preferably land line in case you need to call 911). In addition, make sure you get rx'd a portable potty seat. And remember the best part (okay- the only good part, lol) is that you get to sleep as much as possible before the baby is born.
  20. joneshockey

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    I have a laptop thru work, but I will not be able to bring it home with me when I go on leave. I will have to leave it for my substitute teacher to use with the students --- which TOTALLY stinks! We do have wireless internet though. I could surf the web using our wii, if I was really desperate. I feel somewhat better this morning after getting a good nights sleep, so we will see how my day goes!