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Our visit today between kt & wm was abysmal. Suffice it to say that wm broke down sobbing; kt, on the way home was self harming & tried to jump out of the car while we were in motion.

Instead of driving home, I headed straight to ER rather than home. It took a couple of hours to stabilize her & she was sent home. We have psychiatrist appointment on Tuesday.

No more visits between kt & wm for a while. Just too much for both of them. The next visit will be in a therapeutic setting with 2 tdocs & 2 Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapists. It will take a couple of months, if not more, of intervention & therapy to consider another visit.

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Oh Linda,
I'm so sorry the visit didn't go well and that you ended up in ER. Sounds like an extremely rough day-hugs to you. :angel:


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Oh, I am SO sorry....
Definitely sending hugs your way...........
Any idea what exactly it was that set them off?
Again, my thoughts are with you.


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I am so sorry the day went like that for you, kt & wm. I think the trip directly to the er was the right move. Hopefully, kt & wm will get to a point where they can be together peacefully.

Sending many {{{hugs}}} to you.


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Linda, Your post brought tears to my eyes... I can not even begin to tell you how sad I am for your hurting family. I have bee thinking all day about all of us and how much we try to help our kids... I said to husband this afternoon, "I don't even know what difficult child needs at this point to get her through the day" I said this with so much sadness, he agreed...
When I saw your post it just hit me... what do these poor kids need to help them??? Why were they so traumatized? Why can't we just fix them, all the g'sfg and all of their problems and issues? Some days I hate all of this. And reading posts like yours really makes me livid at people who abuse kids...filled with rage.

I am sure you have thought these things a milion times before...

I am so sorry, sending your family hugs.

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Hugs Linda. You've come so far and you still have a ways to go.

I'm sorry things didn't go well today, but you know you did the right thing. I hope kt and wm feel better and can one day be together without the risk of a meltdown.

Keeping you and yours in my prayers tonight~

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I appreciate the support & well meaning thoughts. It was definitely a rough day.

Let's just say that I'm passing on Mother's Day next year - too much for kt & wm.

Visits between the tweedles, while an important part of their treatment plan, is going to be revisited in a team meeting for kt this coming Thursday.

In the meantime, husband & I will have to split our time & visits between tweedles dee & dum. It isn't what I would have - but it's the best we have for the time being.