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    I just went OFF and lost my mind at husband mostly, thank you a bit. yelling, asking if they WANT me to be unable to funcion all week as I am the ONLY one other than J gtting ANYTHING done?

    Why? husband told thank you to spray febreze on a cloud of dust. Febreze is not a magic dust poof-away spray. It treats odors. The smell of it (stench to my nose) makes me incredibly ill. I am posting because I am losing my mind and it is better than interacting with husband and thank you right now. My head is killingme, andwill for atleast 24 hrs, thanks to the febreze.

    I keep throwing the febreze away or giving it away. I have specifically told the entire family, as a group and individuals, thatw e do NOT use febreze nomatter what because it makes me sick. That if you spray it and I end up vomiting, it is YOUR fault. husband STILL keeps buying it. he has thank you spray it so that I cannot 'yell' at husband. WRONG! Esp when I hear him tell thank you to spray it.

    If some item really smelled that bad, take it outside to spray it. let it air a day or so then bring it n. ESPECIALLY DON'T SPRAY IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE MAIN AIR INTAKE FOR THE A/C WHLE YOU HAVE IT RUNNING!

    On top of this, I have used birthday $ and xmas $ to find essential oils that don't make me sick and to make cleaning sprays and good smelling sprays to use instead of air fresheners and stinky sprays like febreze. I make them because I do feel bad my kids can't wear regular perfume or scented deodorant or whatever. But I guess I am not good enough for husband to bother to care about if I am sick or not. cause lately that sure s what it seems like.

    I am jus so mad, because htis is TOTALLY preventable but it means that they have to listen and stop pulling koi out of the garbage. How hard is that, esp after 20+ yrs of marriage or, for thank you, all his life of dealing iwth this??? I cannot help but see this as at least somewhat deliberate and totally passive aggressive on husband's part.

    please keep me from sayng somethng vicious I won't mean in a few days. Cause I could REALLY hurt him and I don't want to, not really. But it would be EASY.
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    Uhhh... I probably am not the best person to keep you from saying anything... But... I'm listening!

    FWIW, most Febreze does that to me too. Pet Odor kind doesn't - IF I water it down about 50% or more. Don't tell the kids I do... Hee hee...
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I think when a request is THAT huge?????? ANd you've made it SEVERAL times - and it makes you THAT SICK?????? YOu have a right to get upset Susie.....

    I'd be asking for every single bottle of Febre-yuk in the house NOW ----and throwing it away ------or freecycling it - TONIGHT....in trade for some thing....you can use.

    I'm sorry you have a headache. Have you tried smelling vinegar to NEUTRALIZE the Febreze? Sometimes it works for me.....after I get a blast of DFs cologne......can't tell you why - but I get about a 50 50 result.

    HUGS --------

    AND FWIW - there is ONLY one Febreze I allow in my home and it's in a brown/orange can - it's the ONLY one I acan even stand. I think it's a fall scent.
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    (((((HUGS))))) I feel for you. I'm the same way with most smelly chemically things. Especially the sickly sweet smelling stuff Target uses in it's bathrooms. Kid I fostered used to wear AXE. I made him keep it in the carport and he was not allowed back in the house after putting it on. When he was going out and I was driving, we got to destination, he got out and sprayed put the can back in the car and then I left.

    I stock up in the wintertime because pine and cinnamon scents don't seem to bug me. I still use them very sparingly.
  5. Liahona

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    Smells bother me as well. Not to the extent they bother you though. I think its perfectly reasonable to not have some thing that makes you sick in the house. Next time don't just throw it away go outside and dump it out on the ground. You are being very kind to come here instead of saying something you'll regret later. Vent away.
  6. Hound dog

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    Smells get to me too...............and are migraine triggers, especially if I can't get away from them fast enough.

    I hate fabreeze. They have a single scent I can tolerate, I don't like it but at least it won't give me a migraine..........and I use it so infrequently, I can't tell you which one it is. I'd have to dig the bottle out and read it. I've had it since Nichole still lived at home, if that says anything. She's the one who bought it.

    You have every reason to be livid. So vent all you need to.

  7. susiestar

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    Thanks all. I just could NOT believe it. I cannot see why febreze is so 'special' to husband.

    I have used vinegar, and it is great for dealing with many cleaning issues. I have a small bottle in my bathroom and try sniffing it when I get exposed to some smell that bothers me. it doesn't work very well, but does take away a bit of the intensity of the headache.

    As for the next ccontainer that comes into the house? I told husband I would go ahead and take the headache from spraying the ENTIRE thing into his face to see if he gets sick. I wouldn't go that far, but he might get some febreze flavored food for a while. Esp as less than a month ago I had a fit over febreze because the smell and because they were spraying the kitchen WHILE cooking and in fact sprayed heavily over plates of food and once even over an entire pot of soup! The ENTIRE thing tasted nasty and after a bite had to be ptched. And OF COURSE one of them sprayed it into the microwave so taht everything you cooked for days smelled and tasted like febreze.

    If thsi was teh FIRST problem I had, it wouldn't bug me. But it is about the fifteenth in the last 6 mos, so husband is on notice taht he might end up drinking the stuff. trust me, it is teh nastiest tastng stuff out there.

    Thanks for reassuring me I am not crazy. i am sorry for the rest of you who are sensitive to smells. My kids cannot even put ae on at school because when they came home it would still make me sick. Poor Wiz thought he would get away from that when he movved to Gma's and Gpa's. Gpa cannot even handle essential oils. This is a BIG reason that I wore vanilla as perfume. Not vanilla essential oil, the stuff you bake with. It has the alcohol of a perfume, smells amazing, doesn't make anyone sick. I used to put a teaspoon of cinnamon into the bottle I ept in my room and that was great too. For a while my dad thought I was drinking it (blech!) until he realized I was wearing it to not make him sick. J loves it, and got a friend to try it instead of the scent she usually wore - the friend was shocked when her boyfriend went nuts over it, lol. Guys like the smell of cookies FAR more than flowers, lol!

    I work HARD to find scents taht won't make me sick that the kids will enjoy wearing. I use my birthday and xmas $$ for things to try that we cannot afford. I make cleaning products that smell GOOD and are easy to make. It is why I got SOOOO ANGRY today. I still feel awful, but not as bad as I did.
  8. keista

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    Are they truly aware that this is NOT a cleaning product? That reminded me of my friend's sister. (EW story coming up) The woman didn't wash her sheets - she just sprayed them down with febreze once every two weeks or so. After a year replaced the sheets.

    Love that cinnamon vanilla idea. Gonna have to try it.
  9. buddy

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    How do they think this is a cleaner? Bad enough that they ignore such a big health concern for you....but really, I have never confused that febreeze is not a cleaner. Good for you for standing up for yourself!
  10. Hound dog

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    Ewww fabreeze in the microwave?? For heaven's sake why?? If it "smells" clean it out!

    Keista..........wow, that's pretty bad. Bad enough she did it, worse that she told someone about it. lol ICK!
  11. keista

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    Well, it's her daughter who told my friend, but yeah, um, she thought this was perfectly normal. She is quite a difficult child in her own right, but you'll never guess what her job is - school psychologist. :nervoussmiley:
  12. DammitJanet

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    Well some cleansers do now come with febreze in them. So maybe they are getting confused when they go to buy them. Thats all I got on that.
  13. susiestar

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    Oh, they have been told and told that it is NOT a cleaner and they are NOT to bring it into this house. EVER. I have NO idea why it was sprayed in the microwave. NONE. I just know it was (had to throw the microwave away and tell husband it was 'broken' because the stench would NOT come out. Sorry if you like the smell of febreze, but it stinks to the heavens to me and makes me soo sick it is more like being hit in the head iwth a sledgehammer. My head is better this am but I have not been able to sleep because the migraine was so bad that I couldn't. husband has been whining about how little he makes and that we would somehow be 'better off' if he was dead or killed himself - and last night I had enough and yelled about that koi too because it is just self pity BS and I have NEVER tolerated it, esp as it gives thank you and J nightmares (thank you has come out to make sure he was breathing 4 times in the last 10 days, though he doesn't remember it in the morning) and I have been talking to husband about it but not bluntly enough because he tried it again last night and I yelled about that not happening again unless he wants me to go buy him a gun - and he really does NOT because he knows better. He is NOT suicidal, just whining and it makes me madder than anything.

    So the febreze is gone, thank you understands taht I am NOT still angry with him, husband did a ton of cleaning last night, and hopefully another imitrex will kick the last of this migraine out and let me sleep a bit so I can get up and clean this afternoon.

    As to why thank you thinks it is a cleaner? husband told him to use it to deal with dust in the air. NO clue why husband did this - it makes thank you cough (triggers his asthma - grrrrrr - another reason it angers me to even have it in the house) and I have made husband read the label out loud several times to be sure he understood that it isn't a cleaner.

    but today is a new day, and husband and I just made peace. Maybe every other year i have a fit and we go to bed mad, and I guess this was our year for it. At least it got him off his tushie to get some work done around the house. he has been trying to say that he did the work that Jess has done - that i have seen her do! And that was the last of the reasons for my fit yesterday. he wouldn't admit he was doing this, though he looked ashamed of himself as he tried to convince me that she didn't do the work. he apologized to her last night, which is good.
  14. InsaneCdn

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    Sounds like you need to make up a batch of "air cleaner" for husband... plain old WATER, in a good spray bottle, does settle dust. (old trick from farming in the dirty thirties...)
  15. Liahona

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    I hope your head feels better today.
  16. TerryJ2

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    Ohh, I am so sorry! It surely is strong and should only be used in small doses. And that's for people who don't have your reaction.
    I do not blame you for exploding at husband. He has been warned. Over. And Over.
    I guess you have to do a Febreze check every wk or so. :(
  17. susiestar

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    I won't have to be worrying about febreze ever again. Jess says taht she and thank you were so upset that they made husband SWEAR that he will NEVER bring it, oust, or ANY air freshener or cleaner home again unless he has express permission. As we generally get ammonia, vinegar and bleach and mix the appropriate one with water and maybe baking soda, they KNOW that other cleaners are a no-no and no matter WHAT he says will have a fit in the store or if he tries to bring a bottle in.

    I am glad because today I am having HUGE muscle spasms around and in my EYES. It feels like my eyeballs are squeezing and I get dizzy and cannot see clearly or at all for a few seconds. This is brand new, never happened before and is really bothering me. Not scaring me YET as it seems as though it can be a migraine complication, but if it happens tomorrow I will call the doctor first thing. It has me throwing up from teh instant dizziness that lasts a few min and then goes away - and it HURTS. So I won't be here anymore tonight.

    Thanks all for the support. I almost lost my mind from pain last night. Couldn't sleep because it hurt so very bad. husband is extremely sorry and is doing more cleaning than he has EVER done.