Just wanna shake him til his teeth rattle.

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As you know T is legally blind. He worked at walmart 6 miles from home. The family, whoever was available, took him to and from work.

Well last week was a bit crazy. My car went phut. husband's car went phut. And son-in-law could only fix one, mine and we put husband's battery in it. husband's will be fixed as soon as son-in-law gets another day off and we have the extra cash for the battery.

husband got a new job. Tonight he starts the 3rd shift.

Being down to a single car and husband working T has had a more difficult time getting rides to work. easy child and son-in-law will take him, but he hates to ask. He had to walk a few times last week because he wouldn't ask them for a ride. easy child was off all week.

Thurs night he kept complaining he didn't have a ride. I told him to call easy child. She had to take Darrin to daycare at the same time and it wouldn't even be out of her way. He refused to listen, and kept babbling away. I wasn't paying much attention. I don't have much patience when he won't ask easy child for a ride. And decided if he wanted to walk... then he could walk.

Friday morning before I woke T quit walmart. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif

Most of you probably recall what a challenge it was to get him this job in the first place. He had BSVI and an agency here that helps place disabled persons working to help him and it still took months to find him something he could do. I thought I'd lose my mind before we got him working.

He has a *plan*, don'tcha know. :hammer: (heaven help us)

He is going to get his license and then get a job.

I asked how getting his license was going to help the situation? He said then he could drive to work. I asked if he realized he would have to pass the vision exam? Then somehow pass the test. Then if those miracles took place he would need a car to drive and insurance on that car, plus gas money. All those things cost money, which he won't have because he just QUIT his job.

T said OH. :hammer:

Now I haven't a clue what the kid is going to do. With me in school and husband working, plus easy child's and son-in-law's schedules I don't know how we'll manage to get him to job interviews. He gets his last check on thurs. I think come friday I'm hauling his b-u-t-t out to the DMV and get this driving thing settled once and for all. Then we'll start job hunting.

I know T hated working for walmart. He reminded me of it last night. I told him it was no excuse. He said but he wanted another job anyway. I said and what is the right way to do that? "Get the new job first." he says. So he can remember what I teach him, at least when not in the situation. UGH.

I think this time we are going to look into the in town factory jobs. There is one co out by the college I'd love to see him work at if he could. It pays well and has great insur. If he could manage the work at one of these places he might be able to stay with them til he retires if needed. I know with the brain damage and vision he shouldn't be able to do factory work, but we didn't think he could handle walmart either. So I figure it's worth a shot.



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Don't you just LOVE their thought processes sometimes? :hammer:

Hopefully the DMV can get it through his head that driving is out of the question. I can understand wanting to do it but you think he'd be scared of hurting himself or someone else. I had to have an eye patch for a few days once and it messed up my depth perception. I didn't dare drive other than to work and that was only because it was close and I could take a road that has light traffic.

Hope you can find something for him to do. There surely has to be something out there for him. Good luck!


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Oh Lisa,

Hugs........... :frown:

All we can do is hope with each "experience" our difficult children learn something...positive... :frown:

No words of wisdom, just hugs.

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I'm sitting here shaking my head 'cuz I totally understand. I want to shake Melissa 'til her teeth rattle. (actually I felt like pulling her hair the other night and nearly did) She, too, quit her job without another one lined up and still does not have one. And she won't listen to any advice we've been giving her. And, like you, we told her not to quit her job until she had another one lined up.

Anyway, going to the DMV with your son is a good first step for you to take.

Good luck,


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Don't know what else to say, but hang in there. Hopefully this will work itself out and he'll get a job closer to home that he can get to easier, that is, if he can't get his driver license. I would let him check into that first and see if there is anyway. This way you will both have the answer and it will be one less thing to argue about.


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Good lord Lisa...

Nothing like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Hopefully DMV will play the bad guy and tell him he cant drive. Or...another route would be to talk to his eye doctor...they can forbid driving. Also...doesnt he have seizures? If so...that makes driving a no no too.

I had a cousin who never drove because of his epilepsy. He used the bus.


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Yep, been there done that many times with Rob. I agree that the first thing that needs to be resolved is the driving issue. With his challenges, I hope they will let him down easily and I hope he will accept it.

Good luck, Lisa. Our kids certainly think they know everything, don't they? :hammer:


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Yes, he has seizures. And because of no insurance has been off his medications for them for a yr. He just got his walmart insur right before pulling this stunt. Friday I was going to start making his appoints for him. :hammer:

Hmmmmm, don't think I'm going to tell him his grandpa fibbed about his epilepsy so he could have his license. :smirk: Eye docs did forbid it. T refuses to listen. This was at least 2 yrs ago. I hate to think how bad his eyes are now, as I've been noticing a downhill slide vision wise for awhile.

I'm a little surprised. T plans to go job hunting tomorrow. We'll just have to wait and see if he follows thru....