Kicked him out

I posted a few weeks that we were going to kick our son out. He has been staying at friends. My husband wrote him a note and put it on his truck about this around Tuesday and on Sunday (Mother's Day) he came to church, afterwards hugged me and told me Happy Mother's Day and went out to eat with us. That night he came and got his stuff and left without saying good bye. I think he wanted to avoid a lecture. His girlfriend went to eat with us, so we couldn't have a serious conversation about all this. He does not know how valuable the coin collection is that he stole from my husband, as far as I know. He has been so sneaky and so lying. It is hard when he acts so respectful, etc., but we know what is really going on. He has opened up a lot to me the past couple months about things. He still has a long ways to go.


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The friends will get tired of him sooner or later and he will face the cold hard world. You did the right thing.

Stay strong.



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I agree with Kathy. I feel so badly for you regarding the coin collection. Some day hopefully he will understand how that hurt you.