Kicked out of the Tower of London!!!!!

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    Wiz had a lot of adventures in Great Britain. So far I have heard 2 stories.

    He went around on his own quite a lot. He would check in with my parents a couple of times a day and otherwise do what he wanted.

    He spent some time in the Tower of London one day. He sat on a bench that the ravens hang out by. One landed in his lap and another was on one arm while others were around him. (He has always loved ravens so this was awesome for him!)

    The staff at the Tower asked him to leave because the ravens were letting him pet them. British superstition says that if the ravens ever leave the tower to live somewhere else then the monarchy will crumble. They don't want people to get too friendly with the ravens because the birds might follow them when the people left.

    Of course he was not in trouble and we all had a great laugh. It takes a real difficult child to get thrown out of the Tower!! (LOL!)

    Then he went to Tesco to get some food to have at the hotel. He got cereal, milk and a packet of metal spoons. When he went to the register they carded him!!! He didn't get carded for beer but someone takes their spoons seriously! JK, of course. Later my dad asked them about it and no one could figure out why it came up on the register.

    I cannot wait to hear the rest of the stories!! We did not call or visit yesterday because they had to have been tired from the trip and they had a lot of stuff to put away and to unpack.

    I am very nervous about calling them but plan to do it in just a little while, after I finish some things.
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    That's a great story! lol

    Can't wait to hear more.

    Focus on the positive.
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    I have this mental picture of the ravens following Wiz out of the Tower, kind of like the Pied Piper!
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    So all the little Princes had to do was make friends with the Ravens? If only they had known...
  5. ML

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    That is a fantastic story about the ravens. I'm so glad he seems to be having fun.
  6. That's a wonderful story SusieStar,

    It's great that he is having these experiences, they will really broaden his horizons. I'm simply impressed that he went to the Tower on his own. It's such a fun place to visit. Your parents are tops ! (think they'd take me along on one of their trips? I'm available :)

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    Wow. How weird.
    I don't think it would be a big deal if the monarchy crumbled. It's been crumbling for a long time. Parliament would be another story, however ...
    Petting the ravens. Wow.