Kids In Prison


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I was not sure what section to put this in. As some of us have or had children in the jail/prison system, so I thought this might be appropriate. If it should be in another section, it is fine to move it.

I found an interesting documentary on children in prison around the world. It followed children in various prisons around the world to see how their cases went and if they stayed out of jail after release. At the end of the show they discussed an open prison in Turkey.

This prison is completely open. The kids can leave any time they want. Many of them leave every day to go to school or to work. They come back every night because the prison is better than home or the streets. The prison gets them jobs and helps them with things that they want to do. Many of the things the prison helps them do would not work here, such as getting young teenagers jobs as welders. Other things could work if we used our creativity. It wouldn't work for many kids, but it would work for some.

The idea behind such a radically different type of prison is to reduce crime. The officials thought they could reduce crime if they kept young offenders from re-offending. They worked to offer things the kids would want that would help them build a positive life for themselves. It is an idea that might work well here. I wonder how many young lives we could save if we could try a system like this? Probably none because getting a system like this going would be impossible with our "punish them harder and longer" society.

Here is a link to the documentary: BBC Documentary Kids Behind Barswhy: Children In The Prison BBC Documentary 2015

If you watch the documentary, what are your opinions? If you only want to watch the part about the prison in Turkey, it starts a little after 1:31:00 . The section only lasts about 7 minutes, so it is not terribly long.


Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
Opinions you can not accurately compare systems across countries with different world class settings.

He children in third world countries are not comparative to children in first world countries. Incarceration from neglect is a common thread for some. But very differ t levels of the hierarchy of needs being involved.

Children in North America acting out because they can not use a car vs children stealing because rhey are starving.

The only conclusion thqt can be made is that the systems are very broken.

Hell this kid in UK locked up for stealing gold clubs and Pokémon cards?! And you get my kid who won’t be Locke up with a battery of charges as long as your arm. Oh ya Welcome to Canada we don’t lock up youth.

Ther has to be a better balance somewhere.