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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jun 21, 2017.

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    Does anyone have any experience with knee problems? J's knee is really bad. She injured it years ago and it has flared badly. We were at the ER on Thurs with it. She still cannot put weight on it. She sees her reg doctor on Mon. They gave her a Toradol shot at the ER, which helped a bit, and ketoprofen to take for 10 days. It helps some.

    She saw an ortho doctor here in town, but we do NOT like him. He talks to her chest. It is creepy. We are working to get into an ortho my mom sees that I really like. He probably cannot see her for a month or so. She does have Phys Therapy exercises.

    She does the exercises she has been given, but this flare is really bad, the worst she has ever had. I just don't know what to do. Today she has been throwing up any time she moves, the pain is that bad. Any advice?
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    My suggestions, intermittent ice packs. Elevate often, higher than her heart. Lie on sofa and prop leg with pillows.Maybe stop the exercises until she has an MRI and a thorough exam and diagnosis. Try some slow range of motion in the tub... And keep calling the doctors to see if cancellation lists... Explain how severe the pain is. Can family doctor order MRI or other X-rays that would help them find the cause?

    In my experience... One gets a referral to a specialist, and waits weeks to be seen. Then specialist wants MRI or other studies, and you wait some more. Then you wait to see specialist...

    Is there any red areas or signs of infections or blood clot? Fever?

    Hope she gets help...

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    If she can do the pT exercises, then continue...I must have thought it was too painful to even do that... And I would be concerned that the exercises might not be the right ones for what is going on now...

    Esp if no one knows what is causing all the pain...

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    Some people say water aerobics helps.
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    We had an MRI done a couple of months ago. It was quite recent. The PT was also recent. Right now she can barely bend the knee and cannot put weight on it without puking from the pain. Ice and elevation help. The ER gave her a splint to immobilize the knee, but too many days of that are bad. We had to get a new brace for it because the old one was giving her bruises from the metal bracing and they were worried it would create blood clots. The bruising from the metal was that bad. Her knee would swell in the brace (the one from the ortho doctor) and the metal would dig in and the ER doctor was really upset about it. We got a different one at the store that is more adjustable but still as supportive, so hopefully it won't cause the bruising. She is still using the crutches because even with the brace she cannot put weight on the knee.

    It is just a big mess. I am hoping the ortho in the city can see her. The wait would be about a month, but that is getting her in soon. They are doing this as a favor to my mom, who they have seen for a couple of decades. She is sort of a favorite, I think. The guy has rebuilt both my mom's wrists a couple of times and done a really good job after another doctor really messed them up. We would have gone to him first but I thought he only did hands/arms.