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  1. Tiapet

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    What app or apps are there that you would love but do not find for your smart phones? It could be virtually anything, that does anything from any category A-Z, business to games, etc.. I had someone ask me this question and I said I'd pass it along to you all to see what you would say.

    I know months ago I was looking for recipe type one but now I don't need it and I thought of another one but I'll be darned if I can recall what it was now! :(
  2. InsaneCdn

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    A calendar app that doesn't require ties to email. Currently, the apps I'm aware of either use gmail or formal webmail (not Hotmail, but typically ISP-provided webmail) as the repository for calendar info, and "link" to it. I'd like an app that is 100% on the phone.
  3. Tiapet

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    Insane, android or Iphone? If android here are 2 I found that might be what you are looking for. The first one I can't garauntee doesn't do it though didn't seem but the second one definitely doesn't as users complained about it.

    US Calendar Plus by Agus Haryanto
    Multiful Calendar by JPTOMTO
  4. DDD

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    LOL...if I go backward thru a time machine I "might" be able to respond to your post. Sorry 'bout that. I have not moved on to that level and am happy that my flip phone does calls and text messages. I'm an "old people". Hugs DDD
  5. busywend

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    Something that would help me meal plan AND grocery shop for those plans.
  6. nerfherder

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    I'd have to say Wunderlist. Yes there is a web base for it, and you need to sign up for all the sharing services - which is fine for me. I can type up or edit my list with a real keyboard, and it gets shared to my phone (new! A Galaxy S3! It boggles my ancient computer history mind that I can take a MicroSD card with 1000 times the storage of our old Hot New Expensive $300 40 meg hard drive, which was the size of your typical desktop bible, and SHOVE IT UP MY NOSE. And BARELY FEEL IT.)

    Ahem. So I can make multiple lists, and with the app on the phone I can sideswipe through and see what my shopping list is, what my task list for today is, what I have to do over the next week, etc.