Language Development Chart - age 6 months to 8 yrs old

Discussion in 'Early Childhood Archives' started by Sheila, Dec 27, 2003.

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    How I wish I had this info when my difficult child was an infant. At 2 years old, my difficult child spoke NO words and his pediatrician. said this was perfectly normal. Looking back, difficult child had all the markers for autism but I was not smart enough to know it, (and had no internet access).

    Good info, Alisha.

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    Thanks Alisha,

    Reading through it little easy child was at the 12 month stage till she was 2. She will be 3 next march and according to the chart she is at about the age 4 stage. Big leap in a short time there.

    The two difficult children were also well ahead of the chart all the way through. So verbal skills at least sure isnt somthing we need to worry about in that department.