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    What is it with these kids??? Again, he is late for something. No matter how hard I try, no matter how early we start trying to get him going to be on time, we never are. Never, never, never. Late for school, late for doctor appointments, late for haircut appointments, late for counseling. Some of his doctor appointments are in another town, and we have to drive nearly an hour to get there. Tomorrow, we have to be at the hospital in another town at 8:00 in the morning to have his external fixator removed from his leg. Really important stuff. He knows this, but I guaranty you he will not cooperate. He's late today for his haircut appointment. UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. Just tired today and it got to me. :nonono:
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    My daughter is late for everything. My best friend is late for everything. I just learned to tell them that things were happening 30 mins earlier than the actual time. Worked for everything but school and I let school handle her tardiness.

    The only thing either of these two are ever on time for is work! Go figure -- guess the almighty dollar is that important.
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    My son had to opposite problem. If you told him New Years Day we were going roller blading in July - he would obsess until the day was there and ALL HAIL to the person who canceled the date.

    I did learn something in therapy (effective communication) that really helped with other kids - THE warning -

    If you had to leave for the doctors at 8:00 to get there by 8:30

    Start at 7:15 and yell out :45 minutes till we go

    At 7:30 yell out 30 minutes till leave

    At 7:45 say "Fifteen minutes and we're gone

    At 7:50 STAND in front of the child and say WE ARE LEAVING THIS HOUSE IN 5 minutes - whatever you are working on - let's be sure to get it put away and go -

    At 7:59 - Go get the child and say I've given you 45 minutes warnings, it's time to go. STOP what you are doing - and leave. If the child is in pajamas - TOUGH - my kid went plenty of places in pj's (the not fun places) he didn't worry about those.

    But it worked. =AND I learned to give MYSELF 15 minutes lee-way, and lied about the time. All our clocks were set 15 minutes ahead.

    Eventually it worked like a charm but it took a year or so of constantly doing this. The same works in the workplace - with co-workers that are chronically late to meetings, lunches - appts. And either way, yes, I'm going to have to do the work - but the pay off is EVENTUALLY = when I say 5 minutes to go time- my son was actually ready and heading out the door.

    I HATE to be late - hate it hate it hate it.....So this was a viable solution for both our problems.
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    I actually did the same type of thing as Star. I also hate the late. So we left whether they liked it or not. They learned to be ready eventually.

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    It sounds like you are stuck in my slow motion vortex.

    I could be 5 minutes away from something and my husband 2 towns away and he'd still beat me to the destination.

    It's a curse, I tell you. A curse.

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    We had problems with this as well.

    I remember one very cold February day in southern Cincinnati (yes, really, we lived there!).

    I gave the warnings so he would get ready for school (because Heaven forbid I would see him changing clothes!).

    At 5 minutes til I told him change now, your warning period is over. We will be out the door in 5 minutes, I do not care if you are dressed. Not dressed. Or standing in your underwear. What you have on is what you will go to school in.

    He dressed and we left. He had already eaten, clothes were laid out the night before, all was in readiness.

    Guess what my little darling did???

    Went to the office and told them he hadn't had breakfast. And that I refused to give him lunch or lunch money. He had a LUNCH AND money on his account. But they called me.

    I got up to school, having already gotten home and had to change thank you's diaper and Jessie's clothes.

    I find the principal wiaitng just inside the front door for me.

    My darling son told her and several other parents that I made him stand outside in his underwear all night long!!!!! We had snow and ice on the ground!!!!!

    The principal said that while she knew it was untrue, another parent who did not like me called CPS.

    I refused to take son home until CPS arrived and could document my smiling son in his gleeful state.

    Someone LISTENED TO HIM!!!

    He was not smiling when CPS told me to take him home and paddle his bottom for lieing!! He had NO frost-bite, clothes that fit him (that clearly were not given to him at school). He had to show them his feet to prove that he had no frostbite (HATED taking shoes on and off). Heck, HIS NAME was even in his clothes.

    And they found the lunch in his backpack AND found he had money on his account. School teachers and principal ALL verified that I did not come and dress him. That in fact I refused to take him away until this was investigated.

    When asked why he lied?? He wasn't done with his book and wanted to teach ME not to rush HIM when he was BUSY!!!!!

    It was after being told this that they recommended I spank him. Worse, I made him eat what I cooked for dinner!! And then made him call his grandmother (my mom) and tell her what he had done!!!!

    Man o man this child will never live it down.

    When he accuses my parents of being too strict they say, Hey, we could have made you stand outside all night in February in your underwear!!

    My youngest is worse. He is ready at an hour before anything. And nags you until you are ready too!!!!