law advocate comment and Q's upset today/how it was handled

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    Talked to C. the MN disability law advocate we work with. She said she had called the MN dept of ed and while discussing other things asked about psycho's license....she asked for details and in sharing it turns out they have new regs that require all schools to report themselves for any time a teacher touches a student in an incident. It used to be they had to fill out incident reports to keep in the district in case....but now they are to turn them in. Since C studies the law pretty carefully and she asked her co-workers, supervising lawyers etc...they said unless it is a new change they didn't think so but then it happened again where a principal in another school admitted to one of her parents that they had to turn in a report of maltreatment of a student to the mn dept of ed. HMMM???? so now C is going to make sure this is done. Our reports were filed of course, but they have to report themselves. I was feeling nervous about the upcoming proposed IEP on Mon because it seems they just want to focus on the BIP and I want the full IEP discussed, and mostly I think it was old baggage, I was just worried there was some hidden agenda as has happened in the old district. C called them and actually the report she got is that he is doing way better than they ever thought. They have learned hard lessons over the years and want to quickly change the ineffective stuff our old district sent to their methods.

    Today??? Q had a good day until....he and another student were working on the computers. Q's wasn't working out, so he started hitting the monitor. They tried to get him to calm but he got worked up and the other kid started yelling at him and they ended up in a war of words each wanting the last word. They other kid got really mad, they got him out and Q lost it. tipped tables chairs pulled computer cords etc. He finally sat down and told them to all be quiet (they said they stayed right near him and he never once got aggressive to them) and for about 15 minutes if they tried to approach him he said just leave me alone, they did and then ten minutes later he got up and his brain had quieted and he on his own picked up everything, tried to connect the cords himself etc. I had received a phone call from him asking for his charger cord and I would never have known something was up. They said the rest of the day was fine. their plan...or take on it??? Well, we learned some great information from Q today, when his words fail him he really loses ability to calm. They stated they have worked with kids like that before so now they can start to help him. HMMM??? they wanted to know what I thought. I said...well, I think if we were not with you he would again be suspended for the next week and so great! Get to!
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    YAY! So loving this new school for you guys!
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    Smile is right!
    (more later)
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    I'm impressed that Q was able to self-calm (after a bit) and then cleaned up. Equally impressed that staff allowed him that time to decompress.
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    So if they are supposed to report themselves to the Dept of Ed, what happens if they don't? What "consequences" are there?

    As for Q today, can we say JEALOUS?!?! THAT is exactly what I (and difficult child 1) was trying to get our school to do. Just LEAVE HIM ALONE!! I am soooo proud of our boy. PROGRESS!!! I love it.
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    Buddy....I am so glad that at last it seems as if you have some support! Just shows you what big difference it makes if people know how to handle our difficult child's!!!!!!!
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    Now if we could just get the BUS people to have the same kinds of brains and hearts???