Leaving for the Hospital

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    We went to see my dad on Tues, taking dessert to celebrate a late birthday with him. He was doing well. He and my mom tried to tell me to give them a call tomorrow or Sat to go and visit. He said he won't even know I am there probably, or remember things, and to talk to Mom about when she wants us to come visit. I told them they were nuts. I said I planned to be there today for the surgery. Not so much to do anything, just to be there for my mom as she waits for the doctors to do the operation. I don't think she should be waiting there alone during this. I would not want to be alone during this.

    The rest of the week I will abide by their wishes, but I am all ready to go.

    We DID get word about six last night that we got an apartment. It is close to here, smaller but nice. Has a pool they just finished refurbishing and turning to salt water, on site security and strict quiet hours, which will be very nice. This is a HUGE load off my mind and husband's mind.

    Your prayers as my dad goes through this quadruple bypass are greatly appreciated. GREATLY appreciated!
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    Also sending prayers.
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    Praying. Good news on the apartment...sounds really nice
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    Sending prayers!!

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    Prayers from Maryland!
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    Add me to the prayer list. Hugs. DDD
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    Add me to the prayers. I need to go read all your posts because obviously much has happened!
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    Prayers sent......

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    Prayers sent from Jerusalem for good results and a complete recovery. Love, Esther
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    Adding in my prayers for a successful surgery and good recovery.