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    My kids have now been to 2 Halloween functions. One sponsored by a group held at the Fairgrounds and one at our church.

    thank you (who is someone who can morph who got stuck 1/2 sidewalk and 1/2 boy) does all the normal activities. He came home with a reasonable amount of candy, and spent much of his time with activities.

    Jess is another story. She has brought more candy home from these 2 events than my parents and I usually buy combined!!

    She is in a sling, dressed as a gypsy. Her arm is still very sore 3 weeks later (we are seeing an ortho on Tues). She is so helpful with trash and the little kids that at the end they have just given her whatever candy is leftover.

    The good part of this is that she gets a huge charge out of counting and graphing the candy. # of pieces, then divided into categories like chocolate, lollipops, caramels, etc... She has done a bar chart for the last 7 years. This year she branched out with only a little prodding and did a pie chart on the computer.

    It makes a fun little project for the family and uses math skills too! WE even do % of total for each category. Before too long she will be doing even more complicated stats on this. She can already do mean and median, as well as the range.

    Is everyone with an older kid getting all the leftovers dumped on her? Or is it the sling??


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    I think it's the one who is very helpful that is liked by people. :wink:

    Good for her!
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    Darrin got all the leftover candy dumped on him last year during beggar's nite. It was raining and COLD. Most of the kids had given up early. We had him in a raincoat and under an umbrella.

    Folks were so impressed with his sticktoitness they'd dump all their left over candy into his bag. The lil guy had so MUCH candy, easy child had to put it back and dole it out to him. He even got it again in his Easter basket.

    Thankfully that wasn't a problem this year.

    What a creative project for the kiddos. Now see, I couldn't do something like that....... I can't do the darn things myself, let alone teach it to a child. :bag: :rofl:
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    We tend to avoid Halloween here. What you all describe is very different. Here we get a very few LITTLE kids traipsing door to door with some semblance of costume although a lot of them have really only thrown a sheet over themselves or tied a teatowel on their heads. Maybe five or ten kids over the whole night, one or two groups. That's all. Occasionally a parent in the background supervising, but usually not. A worry.

    The big problems are the gangs of older kids roaming the streets and throwing eggs. Mostly teens and some young adults. Under cover of "Halloween fun" they get up to real trouble, vandalising property, throwing eggs at some houses (like ours - anywhere that a weird person lives) and sometimes bashing people. The police hate Halloween here. And it's Wednesday night this year? So we won't have difficult child 1 dressed as a ninja and hiding up our tree in the dark - he did this to protect our placed from the gangs one year, he hid up the tree and made weird noises to scare them off and they just couldn't find him, not even with a torch.

    But this year he will be at Bible study, that's on Wednesdays. I might take difficult child 3 to a Halloween party we've been invited to - it will get us out of the house, at least.

    We can clean up the eggs the next morning.

    Enjoy your time, the candy divvy-up sounds fun. I do think the sling is a help - plus, she can hide extra candy in these, especially if she prepares ahead.

    Do you guys do this on more than one night? At least we're spared that - just the one night for us.

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    My daughter's teeth get cavities so easily that I offer to buy all the sticky stuff from her.
  7. Leftover candy is never an issue in our neighborhood! All of the houses here are circa 1900 and aging somewhat gracefully. For some reason folks love to bring their kids trick-or-treating here - probably because two of our neighbors put on such a show. Our artist neighbor always has a "tableau" on his wrap-around porch. It usually involves statue like outrageous monsters that slowly come to life sending hoards of screaming kids onto the sidewalk. The pair of six foot tall black cats with glowing green eyes on either side of the porch add to the atmosphere :smile:
    Our advertising whiz neighbor always has a video/sound extravaganza - once with a live band. Most of us dress up as well. It's tons of fun.
    My best experience happened several years ago. The doorbell rang and I said to husband, "Would you get it?". He said, "I don't want to, you get it". I flung open the door and there stood two college students from the local women's college, dressed up as... Playboy bunnies! Suddenly husband became most interested in dishing out the candy ....
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    The last 3 years (at my old place), when trick or treating ended at 7PM, the older kids in the neighborhood (like 13-15 YO) were getting ready to go to the haunted house. They would all be outside, getting pics taken, and I would come out onto my balcony with all the leftover candy and toss out handfuls to the kids. This ensured that I had no more candy than necessary in my house, and that the rotton teens in the neighborhood would not slash my tires.
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    PS 1 day at a time, I LOVE your avatar.
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    Charting halloween candy??? Does she use Excel? What a hoot....We live way out in the country, so never get any trick or treaters, so this year I didn't buy any candy....I would just eat it anyway. I would always give more candy to kids I perceived as nice and if it was near the end of the "designated" hours I would gladly dump more in, knowing the leftovers would end up being eaten by me....not good....

    Thanks for posting the recipes, great idea....but the treats they used would not be leftover in my house....
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    And WHAT part, may I ask of that pie chart candy concoction is she sending to her Auntie Star? No lollipops please - just chocolate.

    Glad to hear they had so much fun.
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    Leftover candy? On what planet does that happen? Haha

    My daughters have always hoarded thier candy...I'd find some still left in a pillow case at the bottom of difficult child's closet come Spring! And easy child? About a month after Halloween, I pulled out her bed and would have to vacuum up all the wrappers she ate in bed!

    easy child was the one who used to divvy her candy up by type - lol. That is funny, I can't believe they make a chart!
  13. Star*

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    JoG - Susie was mistaken the 'leftover' candy is graphed and charted to go to .....MEEEEEEEEEEE.
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    I always buy a ton of candy, and usually only have a few kids come to the house. But "leftover" candy never seems to be a problem because I only buy what I like and, um, I usually eat the leftovers myself....
    Is there any such thing as "leftover" Snickers bars????? Not for long!