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    I was always shocked at the lies and manipulation these addicts do. After reading all these posts, im not anymore. I dont believe anything my son says now, and if he yells, oh so you dont believe me, i say no i dont. I dont care if hes hurt by it anymore. Hes trying to guilt trip me. Until hes sober and a deceit person for many years, he will have to prove everything he says to me. Trust is gone.
  2. RN0441

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    We always wanted our son to be "happy". We didn't want to "get him mad" or "upset him". We tiptoed around him. He continues to do as he wished with no regard for us or his own well being!

    Looking back I can't believe we did that. We truly did not know any better. The longevity of what we went through taught us that he was not going to change so we had to.

    It is very very hard to learn how to parent these kids. In my opinion, you really need professional help to do it. What the pro's tell you will seem HARSH at first because it is not the way a normal parent FEELS, THINKS or BEHAVES.

    I cannot even express how much my heart goes out to all of us on here. No one should have to suffer like the parents and families of these kids suffer. Oh and the kids suffer too because they are truly SICK and that hurts the most!
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    agreed. The lies, manipulation, stealing, for drugs and oh then coupled with mental health started to make me think I was going in sane. What child would do that to parents who really cared about being good parents.

    "We always wanted our son to be "happy". We didn't want to "get him mad" or "upset him". We tiptoed around him. He continues to do as he wished with no regard for us or his own well being!"

    While I am on the road to healing, there are some days I just cry at the memories of those years, and the difficulty in even maintaining a relationship . Hugs to all of us. No one can understand until they have walked in our shoes.
  4. Nancy

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    We often said if our daughter's lips were moving she was lying. Once you lose trust in someone it is very difficult to believe anything they say.
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    "Dont trust ANYTHING a drug user says. They all lie."
    My daughter after she quit using drugs.
    When I asked her why she explained that they need to change the subject, get out of trouble and keep the parents clueless as to the severity of the abuse. I am paraphrasing but thats what she said in her own words.

    Funny, she never lies now.
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    How long was your daughter sober, before you trusted again
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    Two years. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on me. This was after she did many responsible things such as taking out a loan and completing a college course, becoming a manager at her job and she shunned her low life "friends" completely. She became her sweet self again and very responsible. She stopped lying too.