Links to personality disorder descriptions for anyone interested


Well-Known Member (Anti=Social Personality Disorder) Personality Disorder) (borderline personality disorder, more common in women than men, but men can have it. I have heard the DSM will be changing this disorder to be called Emotional Dysregulation Disorder. It is now treatable with hard work and I feel I had traits of it when I was younger as did my mother and my sister)

Understanding these disorders won't cure anything, but they CAN help us accept our adult children, if we feel they fit into a category, and how we deal with them and the precautions we learn that we need to take. It may comfort some people. It does me. I feel my son has antisocial traits and narcissistic traits.'Since there are a lot of stuff he has done that I am not sure about (as in not sure what it was), it is hard to me to know exactly how far he is on either spectrum. But I know he has been a chronic problem since childhood and has always suffered a lack of empathy.