Looks like my little Honda is Totalled

Stella Johnson

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Saturday night SO, difficult child, and I were driving home from dinner about 9:30. A girl was turning left onto a major highway. We were going straight. She turned and hit us.

Almost the whole front end of my CRV is gone. The air bags deployed. I had my feet up on the dash when we were driving so I had my knees jammed into my chest. My feet broke the windshield.

Went to the ER on the ambulance. difficult child's first ambulance trip. difficult child has cuts and bruises on her pelvis from the seatbelt and SO has a fractured vertebre. My chest is bruised and my back is killing me. difficult child started having back and neck pain last night.

difficult child cries every time she has to get in a car. She's afraid we will have another wreck. She screams every time we come up to a light on the road. My poor baby. She won't get in a car at all if I'm not there.

Now I am out of a car and a job. :smile:

The good news is that I had two phone interviews this morning with two different insurance companies. One I would have a company car... so that's a plus. I'm really hoping for that one. I had originally planned to go into Catastrophe Adjusting. I would be self employed that way and would go out to disaster sites to adjust. But with no car it looks like I will be working for someone for a while.

I just paid for a 2 week hands on adjusting course for this week. I had to change the dates to April 10th... so now it's dragging out even more now.

Trying to take it one step at a time. Trying to keep it all together.



Mom? What's a difficult child?
Oh what a horrible scary thing to happen!!! Hopefully difficult child will slowly be able to get over this... with some not so scary car rides. This is also one of those difficult child learning tools, that is why we need to be very careful when we drive...blah blah blah...

I am so sorry you are all hurting... I hope the pain goes away and your poor little car!!!

husband got rear ended in Chicago about a month ago by a young girl while she was text messaging... he could see her doing it and new she was going to hit him, but he could not get out of the way.... his back still has twinges... but he has a chronic bad back, so this just made it worse!!!

I hope a great job happens and you all recover quickly!!!


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Oh man, that stinks. I hope you all heal quickly. My difficult child was scared to go in a car after an accident as well, but she quickly figured out how much fun she would miss if she did not get in a car.


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Oh Steph, I am so sorry! What a rotten thing to have happen!

I know it's scary for everybody, but it will get better. You will all be a little gun-shy of getting in a car for a while, but that will pass. Several years ago about five of us from work were at an out of town training session and had an accident on the slick roads. No one was seriously hurt, but it took weeks to get over it! The whole thing kept popping into my head and I relived it over and over again, like a little video that just kept on replaying, whether I wanted it to or not. But it does get better. And the more uneventful car rides you have afterwards, the sooner it will recede into the background.

Glad to hear that you have job prospects. Even if it's not exactly what you want, you can job-hop later. (Hugs)


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That is so scary. It doesn't matter how good of a driver you are; there are always careless people out there that could potentially ruin or take your life. I'm really sorry that this happened, but I'm glad it wasn't much more serious. I don't suppose you had collision on your car? What about rental...some insurance co. will pay for rental of a car. It'll be a long time before you seen anything from her ins. company, so I hope you find a car solution quickly and your and difficult child's injuries heal quickly, as well as SO's.



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:smile: is right, Steph. I'm so glad you guys are ok!

Other than it getting demolished (sounds like anything less than a tank would have been totalled), how did you like your CRV? I almost bought one a few weeks ago. I love HOndas and am thinking that I need more room than my Civic affords. Will you get another one?

I'm crossing my fingers for one of these job prospects to come through for you. You've had enough stress!



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So sorry this happened to you all! And sorry you are hurting right now - but glad it wasn't much worse.

Hopefully difficult child will get a bit better each day about getting in a car - it is scary.

Gentle hugs to you.


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Oh no, Steph!!!!! That's awful! I am so sorry.
I hope your aches and pains aren't too bad. Scary about your feet breaking the windshield.
Gosh, I don't know what to say, except that you need some GOOD LUCK right now!

Stella Johnson

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We are working on getting her to calm down. Hopefully in time she will be back to normal. This is the first accident she has ever been in.
Text messaging while in the car should be banned on the federal level. Ridiculous that ppl drive while doing that.

I think it will come to that point with difficult child too.

I am having the "flashbacks" too. I cringe every time I go through an intersection.

I do have collission. I just don't want to claim anything on my insurance. Not really wanting to drive right now anyway. I will get the police report with her info on it tomorrow and put a claim in on her policy. Getting a rental through them won't take long. She admitted at the scene that it was all her fault and the police put in their report that she is at fault. Now the medical... that's another story. They are going to be paying a big chunk especially since SO's back fractured.

I loved my CRV. I am planning on getting a Pilot though. I am going into casualty insurance adjusting. You have to drive to dissaster sites like after a hurrican has hit. Need a bigger vehicle and one that can tow a pop up trailer as well. The CRV isn't big enough for that.

I can say that the Honda was GREAT in the accident. It could have been much worse in another type of car. The CRV gets awesome gas mileage and there is just enough room for the 3 of us.

I drove one of the new ones. They are awesome! Mine was a 2004

Terry and everyone else,

Thanks for the well wishes. :angel: You guys are awesome.

Oh Steph,

I just saw this post. I am so sorry! What a scary thing to have happen. I pray everyone gets over their bumps and bruises quickly! Bummer about the job thing. Nothing worse than not being able to do the job you want to do, being forced to take something else. I am at that point myself and feeling more than a little sorry for myself. :frown:

Hugs to you!!!


(the future) MRS. GERE
Thanks for the input, Steph. I figure it will be my next car.

My exdh bought the Pilot and loves it. He had a lot of fun showing it off---especially the gps system. lol



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Steph, I am so sorry about the accident. it will take a little time but your difficult child will calm down. Right now she is traumatized. My husband was in two head on's neither of which were his fault but they occured within eighteen months of each other. He did not want to get into a car let alone drive again.
After a week i forced him to get behind the wheel and he gradually became confident again. (((HUGS))) -RM


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Steph, Way To Go that the police gave total fault to the other driver. That's a major battle fought and won already.
Heal quickly.
Deep breaths.