Lovely weather we're having

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. mstang67chic

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    Here in my little corner of the world, all of the schools are closed, businesses are closed. difficult child's PO called to tell me that they closed the courthouse today so the probation appointment will be rescheduled (yay cause I completely forgot about it! lol). Hubby was sent home from work and the shopping center that his store is in was closed. Basically everything nonessential is closed or closing and they've even sent nurses home from some of the hospitals in the area. That one kind of worries me as aren't those people who we would WANT at work??? That would stink getting stuck at work but at least in a hospital there are beds, extra scrubs to wear, showers and food. My friend's husband could even get sent home and he is a mail man.

    And yes we cancelled our car seat check! I'm surprised my boss even came into work today. He didn't stay long and we talked on the phone and he told me not to bother even coming in. He lives 45 minutes out and I'm only about 5 minutes from work. Hope he made it home ok!
  2. Sunlight

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    we also cancelled work today, and it is really coming down. just shoveled 4 inches off the walk...again. lol

    kaleb and I are holed up.
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    I didn't go to work today, either (neither did my boss), but we're having more problems with ice. The county seat (5 miles south of us) has areas without power, but so far, we've been lucky-ours is still on. difficult child stayed in last night like I asked him to do (yes, I'm surprised), so I didn't have that worry. Even though I stayed home, this is NOT a vacation-husband is also home because he's sick. It's going to be a LOOOOOONG day here :smile:
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    We had big snow here yesterday and all of the schools are closed. The sun is shining now but it is supposed to be MUCH colder tonight (like 5 or 10 below 0). :smile:
    I'm so mad I could kill somebody if I knew who to get. Last fall I discovered that my snow thrower was missing the key to start it so I sent for a new one. I used it once. Today I went out to start it and the key is gone. :grrr: So I had to scoop the whole darned driveway (it is a big one and we got about 10 inches of snow) by hand.
    Oh, well, I'm trying to lose 5 pounds. Maybe this will help.
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    well, our schools did NOT cloe when it was so bitter cold out but...they called school off today. We got around a foot yesterday, but we did have school here yeserday altho some of the schools in our tate did not have school yesterday cuz of Lincolns b-day and some did not have school cuz of snow. Our school dist very very rarely calls off school. Worse, our school does not report to the TV and radio in a timely manner and most of the time when they DO call off school they do not get word out until most everyone is already AT school dropping off kids. (our elem begins at 7 am) Last Mon? we had bitter cold, and my car would not start so I could not get easy child to school, so I called her in sick (weather is not an excuseable absence, neither is not having a ride- but she IS recoverin rom I have some leway)
    BUT school called me later Mon to tell me they were NOT going to excuse her absence, so I DID get a docs note. (otherwise it was onna e a $500 fine for "cutting" 10 classes)

    Well, PCs bfs mom drives a bus and at 5 am she called to say she knew we had no school today... it took till 10 am for it to show up on the emergency closings list and TV and radio.
    We got around a foot yesterday and during the nite we had 50 MPH winds. we have a new foot and the winds are still 45 MPH and it is supposed to continue to snow and stay this windy till midnite.

    Sadly the bitter cold broke thru the new medications I began last spring and I am in my first flare since then, so I cannot shovel. Oldest difficult children boyfriend came yesterday and shoveled some, (usually we do not get shoveled out at all, but thats when it is just 2-4 inches) and this morning my lil guy did his best, but he came back in to say as fast as he could shovel, it filled back in. and as fast as he brushed off car, it got covered then PCs boyfriend came over and helped my lil guy and it was kind of clear, LOL, but it is filling back in yet again. ANd it did finally go above zero yesterday finally, tonite it is supposed to once again drop back down. Darn.

    My apologies if this posts more than once. It is a technical glitch between the new site and my antiquated Web TV.
    And update on kittens? The "sick" one continues to drink formula every 2 hours and the other 2 are growing like crazy and they ALL keep us ALL very happily busy.... Becuz of the dog, and the sick lil one it is more work than I remember kittens to be, BUT it is also so much joy and happiness. And my kids have surprised me happily with how well they are taking care of the new "babies" Truth be told it is easy child who is least "maternal" Go figure.
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    We're still fairly warm here, in the forties, but it's been nasty and raining all day. Supposed to get cold again though.

    My cousin in St. Louis says it's snowing a lot there and they're supposed to get 3 to 5 inches before it's done.

    Good day to stay inside and ...:smile:
  7. WhymeMom?

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    We have Blizzard warnings out and it is still coming down. Looks like the winter of 77-78. I haven't even tried to plow the drive cause it would just blow back over. I really don't have to go anywhere so it's kinda nice. Could use some chocolate though, any would do....

    :smile: :wink: :rofl:
  8. Martie

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    I just closed ME down and decided not to go into my office. It's not worth it and getting back will be a mightmare. We don't have as much snow as IN, but it's blowing all over the place. Shoveling is futile and husband is in Las Vegas, so I will have to shovel myself out tomorrow to go to class.

  9. flutterbee

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    We've gotten about 6 inches or more so far and it's supposed to snow all night. School was closed today and there was only a skeleton crew at work - til I left, then they started trickling out. Guess someone had to be first, and I wasn't afraid to be the leader! :wink:

    We are at a Level 2 Snow Emergency which means essential travel only, and it's only going to get worse. At Level 3 they can arrest you for being on the roads.

    I started calling home at 11:30. Both kids at home and noone answered the phone. Cleaned about 4 inches of snow off my car, creeped towards home at 25 mph (my car really does horribly in the snow) and continued to try calling home. No answer. easy child was supposed to keep up on the driveway, but he was sleeping. Shocking, huh? My driveway is on a bit of a slope and if isn't shoveled, the car just isn't going to make it up. Stop at the grocery store. Way too many people there. Didn't anyone tell them there was a snowstorm??? Call a girlfriend of mine and ask her to continue to call my kids for me while I'm in the store. They answered the phone for her. I wanted to throttle someone. Didn't really care who at that point. Lug the heavily laden cart through the unplowed parking lot (except for the one swipe they did by the door which created a good 10 inch pile to have to drag the cart through) to the car and load it up. Lug the cart to the cart corral. Try to call the kids to make sure the garage door is up so I can just pull right on in and not get stuck in the driveway (oh, yeah - garage door opener broke a few weeks ago). No answer again. Pretty sure steam came out of my ears.

    Get home 2 hours after I left work and am a little annoyed, to say the least. Open the garage door, get the car in the garage with much slipping and sliding and ask the kids to help me bring in the groceries. The burcitis in my hip has been really acting up and I was in a lot of pain after lugging that stupid grocery cart. The kids complain that they are too tired to help bring in groceries. Afterall, they just spent 20 minutes shoveling the driveway. Then easy child cops an attitude and tells me he doesn't like it when I come home in a bad mood and start bossing him around. :rofl: I told him he'd get over it.

    But I'm home now and all is well. :smile:

    ETA: We now have sleet thrown in the mix.
  10. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    It's been snowing all day here but I'm not sure what the accumulation is. I'm going to head out from work at 3. They are calling for snow and freezing rain tomorrow. If that happens I'll have a snow day. :smile:

  11. Nancy

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    It's been snowing here all day and we are praying for a snow day tomorrow since difficult child has hours of study island to do for the OGT's (Ohio Graduation Test).

  12. Lothlorien

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    It's been snowing all day here, but there's no accumulation. I was sorta hoping for a little.

    Oh well. I bought some crafts to keep the kids busy tomorrow, but it looks like they will be going in after all. I guess we are at the bottom of the storm. It sure is cold though. I'm surprised it's not sticking. It's been cold enough for ice to form on the lakes and stuff.
  13. Janna

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    I got halfway to work and turned around. The roads were slick, I actually slid right into some guys field :smile: Scared the bejezus out of me.

    Kids got out a half day. I was surprised they went in at all, but they did.

    At least they're out playing in the mess. I don't mind not working today :smile:

  14. skeeter

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    we still have snow from last week (when it took me 3X longer than usual to get home), got probably 3 inches overnight, then the icy sleet started.
    Schools out - including all the universities.
    I stayed home from work (I can do almost as much from here as from my "cube"). I have 20 miles to drive, and it's just not worth it.
    It's been sleeting/raining all day. It's supposed to continue, but get colder and turn to snow overnight, they are calling for another 3 inches.
  15. timer lady

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    This time around the storm is south of us. I'm hoping things clear up toward the end of the week because I'm heading down toward the Milwaukee/Chicago areas. Hate the idea of heading into a major storm area.

    Stay safe; stay warm, friends.
  16. Nancy

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    The weather has been getting worse by the hour. We've gotten about 12" so far today. husband tried leaving work early along with half the city and had to go back to the office. So he's trying it again now but it doesn't look like he will get home anytime soon.

    School has been called off for tomorrow. They're calling it a blizzard although it's nothing like the blizzard of '78.

  17. Hound dog

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    Skeeter, you're more in my area. But out here in the boonies we've been getting sleet and ice for hours now on top of the 3 inches of snow overnight. And lord only knows how much more.

    I sure wish we'd just had the snow. I'd rather shovel that have to worry about doing without power again. :rolleyes: I sent N over to b/f's family's. They have a wood burning stove. So if power goes out the baby will stay warm.

    I've got a huge old old pine tree draping the roof of my rec room at present. It wasn't in all that great of shape from the last ice storm we had 3 yrs ago. I was planning to have it cut down this spring. Now I have to pray it doesn't get heavy enough to fall down.

    We've got branches landing in the street already. Oh fun. :nonono: I see another big one on the neighbor's tree out front draped over a power line and if we get those winds they're predicting over night......

    Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! :surprise:

    Everyone in the storm's path, stay home and stay safe if you can.
  18. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    How North are you? I was wondering how bad Dayton and farther north are getting it. But God forbid the Cincy stations say anything about anyone but their area. :hammer:
  19. Sunlight

    Sunlight Active Member

    we have had about 6 to 8 inches of snow, then it changed to ice then rain then back. the weatherman said we have only had half of what we will be getting. lots of wrecks on local roads and traffic jammed on the ice. glad I am home.
  20. flutterbee

    flutterbee Guest

    We've had at least 8 inches of snow (my car bottomed out on my street on the snow) and it has been sleeting for going on 5 hours now. It's supposed to change back over to snow around 9pm with another 1-5 inches of snow accumulation.

    Daisylover - my friend's mom lives in Canton and they are expecting 18-20 inches of snow there.