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    I don't have the report yet, but I've just remembered that V tested low on the working memory tests. At first I got focused on the anxiety and communication issues....
    Anyway, I've googled it and it seems to bring bad news as far as his ability to learn and be succesful in school.
    Do any of you have experience with this issue? What kind of intervention/help can one give?
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    I have a child with that issue. It really seems to impact his ability to remember and do math problems. Not much beyond the obvious that can be done--small group instruction. lots of repetition. I think it contributes to his really not liking school.
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    My daughter has it. Until this year she had to take tests with notes (IEP), but this year she is doing a lot better. She in 10th grade now. She g oes for etra help before tests and does much better with multiple choice than when she has to write the answer. Then she tends to get things out of order.
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    There are interventions out there that we are trying to get a chance to "try"... but I don't have any first-hand experience.
    Check with your local learning disabilities association - they might have suggestions.
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    difficult child 1 had this issue at that age (yes, he's gotten much better). In his IEP we made sure that

    1) he was able to use his notes on tests & quizzes and in his hardest classes he was allowed to do open-book. The reasoning was that it was more important to learn the life skill of "finding" the information he couldn't remember.

    2) all test & quizzes were multiple choice or fill in the blank with a word bank. The reasoning is that sometimes when they "saw" the correct answer on the page, it might trigger a glimpse of "memory". These worked very well for difficult child 1. Their theory held true for him. He recognized the answer when he saw it.

    3) he was given extra time to complete assignments and his assignments in math were made shorter. The reasoning was that it was difficult enough for him to remember what he needed to do for them that redundancy was limited.

    Hope this helps. As I said, difficult child 1's working memory in 3rd grade was 13%. School was soooo hard for him until that was put in writing in a psychological and they FINALLY made some accommodations. As of last month (and last spring), two different evaluations have shown that he is now in the "normal range" for working memory. If the right interventions and teaching tools can be implemented, it CAN definitely get better. At least in our case it did.
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    Yes, from the little research I have done yesterday: there are some computer softwares that can help. Some claim to permentally improve the working memory in 8 weeks. But, as usual, V is too young yet. Gotta be between 7 and 16 years old.
    Tedo, the "reasoning behind" the accomodations is very useful and it makes total sense. I think it is something I need to put in V's file (without proper explanation, I think the school will not agree...).
    Just can't wait for that report!