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  1. Bugsy

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    Has anybody looked into magnesium deficiency? My dad has been researching and reading a ton about childhood mood disorders and has come across much information that magnesium deficit causes many of the same symtoms that we are all experiencing with our children.
  2. Andrea Danielle

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    Hmmm, interesting. I do know that a blood test showed that my son was low on minerals, we gave him a supplement for awhile but he wouldn't take it any longer. I will investigate this. Thanks!

  3. JJJ

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    Our psychiatrist has all the kids on supplements because she firmly believes that deficiencies aggravate their issues:

    Kanga is on the most...

    Citrcal Calcium Citrate with Magnesium (6 pills/day)
    Omega-3 Fish Oil (6 pills/day)

    I'll get the results of her blood tests on Thursday so we'll see whats up then.