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    Well I got a call from the program my son is in today. This program has been really great and gives us a lot of peace of mind. They work with people where they are when they are not in the residential program. My son and I had a text conversation thurs night after he reached out to me. He was more open about some of his struggles so I was guessing he was drinking because that is the time he lets his guard down with me. Yesterday I texted him and he said he was drinking and didnt want us to see him like that. So I knew he was not doing well..... but really there is nothing for me to do. So today the program called, the guy who called is really great. He had a conversation with my son who was open with him, admitted he was drinking, wanted to finish what he had and then he knew he needed medical detox. Which of course means he has been drinking a whole lot over a period of time. So they are n the process of looking for options for him when and if he is ready to go. The guy said he has an agreement that he will stay in touch with this guy (who is on all weekend) and that if he goes off the radar then the guy will go to his place to check on him as its a safety issue. Such a huge thing for us because since they are doing this I will be able to sleep tonight!!! So they are looking for places that take his state run insurance. I said we would pay co-pays but not for private treatment. We have done that enough. If he has to go to a bottom of the barrel place then so be it. So hopefully he is once again getting to a place where he knows and wants help and will actually figure it out this time. It is definitely good for me to stay out of it...and let it happen however it happens.

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    Oh Gee, TL. It sounds like given everything this is the best outcome there could be. Really, it is a blessing that there is the program, that your son is working with them, and that he is able to see that he needs help and at least be in the ballpark of going to get it. What ever happened to the girlfriend?
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    I cant tell you how thankful I am for this program. It helps me sleep at night. I am also thankful for the guy working this weekend because he gets my son and my son likes him. They have a similar sense of humor. And I agree with you this may be the best outcome. Time will tell but I knew my son was going downhill so it was inevitable that things would get bad. That its this soon is a good thing. I am not sure about the girlfriend. I suspect thats not going well either hence the heavy drinking.
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    In the old days, they used to put people in the hospital to detox from alcohol. I think that is what should be done when insurance companies are uncooperative about rehab. Or, if there is a waiting list at rehab, which there almost always is.
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    So the good news is he is going to a hospital for medical detox today for whatever time it takes. Then he has agreed to go to he residential house I told at the program he has been in for a few days for respite. We hae agreed to pay for the extra cost of that. I am happy he has decided to do that. I am also really happy that this has all happened between him and the program, with them keeping us informed. I have not been involved at all in setting it up, or talking to him about it etc. I told the program to let him know we love him and are there for him but I have not tried contacting him. But I am relieved.
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    Good news TL. On his end, and yours too. Thank g-d for this program.
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    I am so thankful. I just got a text from them. They finally left him at the hospital after being there with him til 1130pm!
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    TL good to hear.

    I'm assuming that the house manager etc. of the program is a former addict. That is how it was in all of the programs my son was in (MANY) but I absolutely loved these people and they are some of the best people I have ever met. They had gone through hell and come out on the other side to help others. In my mind, who can relate better than a person that has lived it.

    I'm glad that your son is surrounded by caring people. I do hope that he finds his way.