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    I have a meeting with the :check_writer:Special Education Dir of the SD scheduled for Monday! I am still waiting for results from the FIE, and the neropsych, but want an eye to eye with her. I guess I want to talk to her to keep from having to do the complaint but still expect I will have to "make a change or will it"?

    I am wondering now that I got it what do possibly want from her! I know she is where the yea/nay stamp in my SD comes from her desk.

    So I guess my questions is considering everything posted in the <2 mths to 18 post......I am just dumb frazzled :919Mad:for ideas as to what should be the plan to get him up to par and how can it be done without overwhelming him during the next two years. Should we do an aptitude to see what his real interests lie? How many tests real get the answers? He wants main stream and behavior intervention class as a PRN as he thinks he needs it.

    Being 18 and two more years, where do I find resources for a BIP or an IEP or does the age change it? It sure changes the services he can and cant get from the community level.

    What kind of IEP/BIP plan do you come up with for an 18 yr old at a 4th and 5th grade math and english level with all the credits of beginning 11th?:highvoltage:
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    You need an IEP with measurable SMART goals, i.e, ones that can be measured so progress can be tracked meaningfully. The same is true for a BIP, although they tend to be more idiosyncratic to the child.

    What I am concerned about is what will happen when difficult child turns 18. ALL his educational decisions will transfer to him unless you get him to give you poer of attorney to make those decisions for him. Otherwise, you need gurdianship which means going to court. POA is the easier way to go, but it can be diffiuclt to get a difficult child to give it to the parents. You difficult child is entitled to and education until 21 or h.s. graduation whichever from first. I think your difficult child's IEP needs a really strong transition to independent living, work, or post-secondary education. If it takes another year to do this, so be it.

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    Yes Martie,

    We have had excellent plans but not follow thru, which causes stall, which causes deterioration. I do have a general durable power of attorney.

    I am looking for a site to research for an IEP for him which can be seriously measured!

    So if you know of any, please let me know.

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    In our district they take benchmarks several times a year. See if they do so in your sd. (It's used to see how the students are coming along for TAKS, but I find it helpful for me. It's not something parents are given; you have to ask for a copy of the results.)

    The TAKS test scores can tell you a lot.

    Grades don't mean a thing, e.g., my son was making As and Bs in Language Arts and failed the TAKS because he couldn't comprehend what he read.

    Let us know how the meeting goes.
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    ON 4/17/08 I requested benchmarks, what I received was
    pass or fail numeric information. I told SD Diag my son has very rarely done anything consistently as these tests indicated the EXACT SAME # in the scoring.So I requested the specific goals for each area tested for each time period. I was told I would get these as well as the Curriculum Based Assessment and the Class testing results (as well as last years to compare), at the ANNUAL ARD, which has not taken place due to the fact of failure to complete the re-FIE within the 60 day time line and refusal to have the FIE completed until 8/25/08.

    So all I have at this point is the TAKS scores and the mini battery WCJ which was done 12/07 and 5/08 which showed him in the 4 & 6 PR in Writing and Math. So I guess it is a one on one teacher until he is at Age or Grade Level, which at this point I do not have much confidence the SD can get this achieved.
    :confused:The hard thing is difficult child wants to be "mainstreamed", and only wants resource room as a prn. If I could just win the Texas LOTTO, I could just go ahead a get private school and go for compensatory reimburse.:musicdance:
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    in my opinion your SD is extra unmotivated due to your difficult child's age. They keep hoping he will disappear and it is hard to convince them otherwise since so many 17 year olds who lack credits DO disappear.

    I wish I had a suggestion rather than a comment.

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    Thanks anyway, :angel2:Martie!
    The fact is he HAS THE CREDITS!

    Yea, they are stalling but at least I do have the POA and he has the desire to stay! :rofl:So that is two strikes against them *evil laugh*!