Milestone birthday


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im having a milestone birthday in the Spring.
50, 55, 60, 62 or 65 lol One of these.
Have you ever been to a party for something like this?
I just moved so most of my friends are a good four hour drive away.
In law family is here though. A nice amount are women.
A party at a place that is sort of feminine a tea room?
I would pay. This would be expected, correct?
Honestly, I only have three people or so I feel close with.
But it might be a nice gesture to invite the women in the family.
Any thoughts at all?

Husband says we will do a trip , just the two of us...possibly a cruise in the summer to celebrate. Yay! Fingers crossed for good health and finances

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My mom threw herself an 80th birthday party at an event center. They did it all...set up, clean up, food, wine. It was a luncheon buffet, about 50 people. Mom said she'd never had a birthday party with her friends, and she was going to have one.

I think you should have whatever kind of party you want.


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Old hand...thank you...can you relate a favorite one or two? My latest thought is a small group at a nice restaurant for lunch. I don't know.


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I'm rather sure the lady who'd birthday it was, was turning 40 or under...but I did go to a high tea at a tea room once for a party. It was lovely! We all dressed up and of course, wore hats. The little place we went to actually had a "hat room" and you could borrow one if you wanted - the old fashioned type ladies wore in the 50's and before. I remember I wore a little pillbox number with a veil. SO FUN! There were a number of different teas and little sandwiches and pastries. We really did have a lovely time.

I'd say if you want a tea party...go for it!



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Happy Birthday Nomad!

Lil, we have an English Tea room in town which serves wonderful English teas and small tea sandwiches, scones, traditional English tarts.....and it has the hats on the wall too! You can "borrow" the hats.......I've been there numerous times, it is always a lot of fun.

There's also a Fondue place near us that is way fun to celebrate occasions.....cheesy and chocolatey and always delicious! I've been to a number of birthday celebrations there.

Perhaps a spa day? I've done that with my girlfriends, take a day and go have a facial, mani/pedi or a massage and then a nice lunch.......

An 80 year old I knew went on a hot air balloon ride with her friends on her 80th birthday, she had wanted to do that for a long time. Or perhaps for the less adventurous, a cooking workshop/course?

Sounds like a lot of fun Nomad.......whatever you do, have a wonderful time...


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I was excited when I saw this thread as husband is turning 60 in December and I am looking for good ideas.

He would love the high tea ....but not the dressing up part.

Spa day mmm for the two of us. I dragged him out for a pedicure this week. He loves them but would never go on his own. I take him because his skin is dry and it scratches my legs. Lol.

I was thinking of hosting it at a winery but it would be 45 to an hours drive and I would probably have to offer a bus so that’s getting to expensive.

I have a while yet. But 60 is a big one.