Militant SW sticks to "enviromental reasons"



Of course she now will elaborate that it's many and any enviromental circumstances (not just our home). As well as some cognitive issues as well. But psychiatrist is giving him diagnosis of bi-polar II, which means they aren't sure enough to stray from a Bi-polar diagnosis. difficult child II has the rest of this week at day therapy and then we will see. I must admitt lowering the abilify & eliminating the Depakote seems to have helped alot.

In home therapist spent more time with difficult child I today then difficult child II, which was ok, as difficult child II was fed up with "therapy" from the day program.

That's my vent for the day, LOL, I need a nap


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I realize you may be feeling attacked by that theory of the social worker but what she is saying may not be far off the mark. Maybe I can "see" this because I am bipolar and an adult and maybe understand some of where she may be coming from.

Is the BiPolar (BP)/Borderline (BPD) in your signature standing for bipolar and borderline? If so, that makes even more sense for them to be saying some of this is environmental. Though to be honest sticking borderline on a 10 year old is very iffy.

Bipolar 2 is workable diagnosis that could well be quite environmental considering some of the issues you have mentioned on the board lately. Not that this is your fault. I have discussed this at length with my therapist and come to the conclusion that some people are born susceptible to disorders. If those people have some sort of trauma then the disorder emerges. For me it was my mom. For someone else it could be something as simple as being hospitalized for some illness. No one ever knows what could trigger it.

I ended up having bipolar and borderline. The difference in me and your son is I didnt get help until I was in my late 30s. You are getting your son help much earlier. Good for you!


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Saying something is environmental doesn't mean it's your fault. These things just happen. A child born with cerebral palsy due to a difficult birth - the problem is environmental. It's just to distinguish from genetic, or congenital.

I was born with a defective kidney, which was discovered by a doctor when I was 19. I had surgery and have been getting by. I have a sister with something similar, and another sister's daughter had something else similar. We believe this to possible have a genetic component also. It is not environmental.
Conversely, husband had a detailed ultrasound last week. They found a scar on his kidney, indicating a serious problem, probably a past infection, some unknown time in the past. This is environmental. He has no recollection and neither does his mother, of any past kidney problem, although when he was very young he did have complications from measles.
Nobody is blaming husband or his mother for failing to pick up the problem when it was active. But they can see that it was environmental, and not congenital.

And whether the SW is right or not - does it change his treatment? If not, I would put the whole issue to one side with a "How interesting - now what?" response.



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Here is an interesting article I saw today that does a great job of explaining why any sort of environmental stress can affect some kids more than others.

It certainly applies to my difficult child - 100%. Any sort of stress sends him over the edge. I hope Ms Rigid SW is at least able to give you some helpful hints or ideas. Although, short of putting them in a plastic bubble, I don't know.

take care