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    Just a few days on her medications and Molly is almost completely back to her old self again. :hapydancsmil: Sooooo very nice to see her spunk, her joy of life/play again.

    (just remembered I have to call for the results of that heartworm test darn it, I forgot)

    If I've been gone, she greets me at the door again. She greeted Nichole and Aubrey when they arrived on Sunday. She's back to playing with her ball with vigor, but I still have to make sure she doesn't over do it too much.......been a hot week and I don't want her sore. No more ichies anywhere........not her ears, not her coat, not her feet. The cough is still there and she's coughing stuff up, clear mucous. (I'm to watch in case it is blood tinged) She's not quite gotten into playing with her other toys again yet, but she's back to chewing her bone and snitching puppy food whenever the chance presents itself. LOL

    Seen a huge difference in how she is with Maggie in just over the past 24 or so hours. She went from avoiding her / wanting nothing at all to do with watching out for her on walks and waiting on her when she needed to sit and rest a bit, to letting her approach to sniff, to letting her attempt to play a bit......(with plenty of spanking when Maggie would get too excited or get her ears) sharing her bone with Maggie this morning and allowing Maggie to play with her (ears would get her spanked). Molly doesn't really play anymore with other dogs/pups....what she does is let them "get her".....sometimes she'll run around a bit to make it harder but she hasn't wrestle played in many years, not even back when Betsy was a puppy.

    I got some cute pics of them this morning each chewing the end of a long rawhide bone together and Molly letting Maggie play with her. Just need to have Travis get them onto the computer for me. This computer won't take my memory stick so we have to use a special adapter and I don't do it often enough to remember how.

    Just love having Molly be Molly again!!! :bigsmile:

    And lil Miss Maggie is getting non stop lessons in Manners. Molly and the cats are teaching her and she's learning fast. Bruce (couldn't believe my eyes!) rubbed all up on her yesterday and even let her climb on him a bit before she got too excited and chomped his ear and he bopped her on the head. (no claws, just a bopping warning thing) Maggie sat right down and waited to see if he'd let her play again. Molly has also shown Maggie that the leash is not a tug o war toy, and now she uses it just fine. :)

    However, Molly doesn't mind taking her pills...............she HATES the antibiotic ear salve and ear wash I have to do twice a day. Thank heaven for cheese!
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    GOOD!!! I thought that was it for her... But clearly, a little bit of medications went a long way!!!
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    Glad she's doing so much better. I know how scary it is to see your fur friend hurting and not know what's going on. I had a scare with our dog the Saturday. She had bloody stuff coming out both ends. Had to take her to the emergency vet. Thank goodness they were a conservative emerg. hospital. After all was said and done, we think she might have just gotten a big chunk of mulch lodged. Whew, we dodged a bullet. Refrained from food, some medications and fluids and all is well in Lothland. Glad Molly's back to her old self too. whew!
  6. Hound dog

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    So glad your furbaby is ok Loth. OMG that would scare me to death!

    Maggie has a "taste" for mulch. I've never dealt with such a thing before. It's forced me to leash her in the yard (which I hate to do) to keep her from snatching the neighbors mulch which is around their bushes right on the property line. I have no clue why but she wants to eat it like food. ugh

    So very glad your furbaby will be ok too. :)
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    If Maggie had Lab in her, I'd say the taste for mulch would come from their "taste" for wood to chew on... or maybe there IS some stray Lab in her!
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    lf the mulch is brown in color, they may be using cocoa shell mulch which has a sweet, chocolate taste to dogs. lt's toxic in addition to the foreign body issues.
  9. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful some extent, Maggie is a Heinz. I don't think shepard, st. B, and rottie is all that is in her genes. Mom was a shepard mix......and whatever it was she was mixed with had a long shaggy coat and she was just barely medication size. Dad was the st. B rottie mix.

    And yes, she seems to LOVE chewing any stick she can get into her mouth.

    GN, I worried about it being toxic.........some mulches I thought were treated to help with bugs/weeds. I didn't know, but I snatched it out of her mouth fast just in case. I don't use mulch myself. I've never liked it.
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    Lab/shepherd is a very common mix, and given that Lab is one of the most popular breeds, it shows up in all kinds of mixes. We use mulch... but around here, most of it is just shredded branches - it's what they do with all the prunings - so, non-toxic, just not the best thing to chew on.

    Maybe, keep a chew-toy in your pocket, and whenever she goes to chew on something she finds outside... substitute. Let her know that she doesn't get to chew on anything... at all... unless YOU give it to her. She will catch on.
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    I'm so happy to hear that Molly has been making such HUGE improvements :)
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    I love dog stories with a happy ending!
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    Im so happy for Molly...and little Maggie.

    you know, we keep seeming to do all these infant things together at the same time. LOL. My pups are a little older but not by much. Ziva is definitely Abby's aid. You know how difficult child's have an aid with them to make sure they know how to behave, well Abby has to have Ziva with her so she knows how to be a regular puppy. If Abby is left alone to her own devices, she acts just like her mama who was autistic. She will go sit in her crate and will not house break. With Ziva, she runs and plays and she has actually potty'ed on the puppy pad. Now if I take her outside by myself if I cant her attempting to squat in the house, well that is useless. We can stay outside for an hour and she just looks at me like...what mom? Huh? I even bought a pee stick to put in the yard. Useless thing. Ziva potty's fine. Puppy pad or outside. Leashes are fine on both...with some work from me. They want to chew them. I need to get chains. I wasnt thinking when I bought nylon. Bull dogs and nylon dont work. That was me being stupid. Ziva has already chewed off Abby's