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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I've been helping easy child due to her broken leg for what 2-3 wks now? I get zero help here at home. Zip. None. Nada.

    Yet when I walk in the door at 8-9pm I get "What's for supper?"

    When I either flash them a drop dead look or tell them I'm NOT cooking.......c'mon it's late and I'm tired........I get pouts and comments about how I buy all this stuff with coupons but no so called real food to eat.

    Last week easy child and I didn't shop. Except on sat I made husband take me to kroger to get their meat deals before ad switch over. (since I never buy any real food) We spotted steaks on sale cheap. I broiled them when we got home. husband pouts that it's too rare. (pop it into the microwave for a minute with some butter and it's fully cooked)

    This morning I did my shopping plan with no clue of what money I had to work with. But since they complained about how I buy all this stuff we don't need and no real food.........I've kept my lists to basically free items. Drug store shopping will cost maybe 20 bucks with 2/3's of that coming back in rewards for next week.

    So I go wake husband up so he can get me gas (empty tank for the past 5 days) and the 20 bucks. He has to do it cuz it's on the card they give you for unemployment.

    So now he tells me he doesn't know if he has that 20 bucks, let alone money for gas.

    WTF?? I didn't SHOP at all except the meat last week. (less than 20.00) He handed me NO money. Hmmm. So........just what did husband spend the food money on?

    At this rate I'm not only going to stop cooking again, but I'm going to stop couponing. Why waste the time and effort if it's unappreciated?

    Top that with husband yelling at the animals, Travis, the news, inanimate objects......... And NO ONE does a thing to help me here at home........

    Oh, yeah. Momma ain't happy.

    And now husband is peeved cuz when he asked me how much I needed I told him GAS and 20 a nasty tone. Well gee, I've only told him 5 times in the past 15 mins. I have reason to get snarky.

    One of us better get a job soon or a certain male is not going to make it to 65.
  2. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    Lisa? I get that... VERY VERY WELL!!!

    :hugs: No advice, just stay away from sharp pointy things and blunt objects...
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Thanks for the hug step, I needed it.

    I bought my things for 20 bucks, husband came to get them out of the car and I told him "There is more stuff I bought that we don't really need" And stomped off.

    I just got 2 tylenol precise pads that sell for 9 bucks FREE.

    I left the zantax I'd have gotten for FREE at Ride Aide. Let him live with his heartburn.

    I may just stop going for the freebies as well.

    Not in a good place today. At. All.
  4. AnnieO

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    Wanna come up north???
  5. 1905

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    Hound, you're in my life exactly!!! Although they do love the free things. I have been so sick with a bad cold, can barely move, yet GROWN people want me to pack thier lunch, and "what's for dinner?" This is now, but usually I'm at work, hey, we're all gone the same amount of hours, and why is it my job? Now, this past weekend, I just drove to heck and back and when I get home they want certain things washed, food cooked, and I am so sick, nobody gives a care. Yet, if they were sick, OOOHH...they can't move, where's their tea, and can I go to the store and get them a few things? Can I fluff the pillows? husband just called me 1 minute age, he is on his way here, can I have something quickly ready for him to eat? Sorry to hijack.

    Hound, just keep geting your free stuff. Live your life! They aren't grateful. husband is the one that needs to plan better, of course you need gas!!!
    He's the one wasting money on food or something (whatever it is). He can re-cook any steak to make it more well done, and they're all adults. Tell them they can thank you later when they're using your free items, that do cost money when you actually need them. ((HUGS))
  6. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Hugs, Lisa. I hear ya.
  7. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I owuld start leaving chore lists, taking the unemployemnt and other bank cards from him (you may not be able to use them but he cannot waste the money if he doesn't have them - and if he gets another one remove a testicle for him and serve it with toast!) and access to any checks. then LOCK UP the free stuff and stuff you get from couponing. They can have access for an hour in the evening - SUPERVISED = but only if their chores are done. Don't skimp, put some heavy deep cleaning tasks on the lists and let them know that all access to everything is through you and if YOU are not happy then they will be flat out miserable.

    NO WAY should this be happening. My mother used those computer address labels that are on the big rolls that went in the old tractor feed printers (yes, we still have boxes because she bought a ton when those printers went out of use) and she would sit and put one chore on each label. They were left on the long sheets and she sat us each down with a piece of paper. first we got to pick which ones we wanted to do (and hoepfully avoid some we hated). the label said the chore, how long it should take someone working hard to do it, and what days of the week it was to be done. We each had to take a certain amt of chores per day or more than that amt. Dad got the least because he worked full time and had a 75 min commute each way. Then me because I was often doing a lot of errand running and working with mom, then gfgbro.

    Once we took what we wanted, Mom divided up the rest and if we didn't like them it was not HER problem. Once those labels were stuck to our sheets those were our chores for the semester. Period. And if they were not done to her standards? We hated life. Cause she stopped doing whatever it was we wanted. ANd then if that didn't work she started on the warpath. She was SCARY on the warpath because you had no idea what she owuld do. Locking the cat who would pee on you in the room was just the beginning.

    If they won't do it, try catching them asleep and putting duct tape on their armpit hairs. Talk about PAIN and NOT your fault (you would try some baby oil to loosen the adhesive, but not a guy - they just rip and scream, then put on stink stop and scream some more because it will BURN. (Yes, this happened to gfgbro too - and she also put it on his leg from the inside of the ankle up to into his private hair because he kept sleeping nude on the den floor - she told him over and over to stop and he would NOT. He also would not put even shorts on - the jerk. So he deserved it, in my opinion.)

    You can be far scarier than they can be. Just give them lists and make them regret not doing it. Next week spend your $20 on some locks.

    And take those cards away from husband. If he isn't working and he wont' do anything at home then he sure as sugar doesn't need to spend any money.
  8. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    I don't have it that bad. Funny thing is I was going to post a whine about dinner demands. After reading your post...I'll just stifle myself, lol. Some of the family suggested solutions are a "tad" bit extreme :twister2:but on the other hand you absolutely have every right to draw boundaries for their sake as well as yours. Good luck. DDD
  9. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Susie, I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but your mom cracks me up with her creative parenting. lol

    husband just wouldn't leave it alone. He can't, you know, cuz it's all about him. He's always been that way. So, passive aggressive that he is he kept hovering and I kept ignoring cuz I was fuming and trying to knock my temper down a few notches into safer territory. Then he says something about it and I just blew. I don't think he quite expected that. I don't blow often, but when I do it's something to see.

    husband is washing the dishes and I can see where he's been cleaning the house. Before I left for easy child's he was all up helping me gather coupons because easy child and darrin are going to help cut and sort so I can get caught back up.

    husband knows life becomes a living he!! when Momma ain't happy.

    easy child let me vent to her too. Which helped. And I know so many others are dealing with similar male issues. I think it's embedded in the male gene somewhere to be a complete PITA.

    I swear though, often I catch myself looking behind me to see if there is a red cape hanging down my back.
  10. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Lisa, they cracked me up too - esp as they were NOT often directed at me. From an early age I saw how gfgbro had to break every boundary/rule/limit and refuse to pay attention to any consequence and how dang hard it made his life and how it upset my mom and dad. Not only did I want to please and have an extreme aversion to conflict, it just seemed so stupid to waste time/energy fighting some limit when you could do three fun things with that time/energy if you just did what was asked. Or made it at least LOOK like you were going to do it, lol!

    So I often found her consequences hilarious. I esp thought locking my cat in with him was funny. IF he had hurt her in any way my dad would have tossed him out - cause you do NOT hurt an animal. Period. He never could wake up easily so when she wanted her litter box he wouldn't get up (even if he was awake) and she would pee on him. Not on his stuff, right up on his chest or back and let go.

    Anyway, I can probably remember more of them.

    THe one consequence I keep forgetting to suggest to Shari for her husband is to take off the spark plug wires of at least a couple of the spark plugs and run an ordinary pencil lead around the case that they are in. The spark will go to the graphite (pencil lead) and NOT to the spark plug so the car will NOT run right if it starts at all. They can see a lot of mechanics and run all sorts of tests and it won't be caught. But to fix it you just take an eraser and rub the graphite away. I did this to gfgbro quite often. Also did it to a girl in my dorm who would NOT leave me alone - real bully and used to take my medications, food, clothes, even my assignments. In one semester I had to rewrite five papers because she stole them. She wasn't my size, didn't like the food she took, didn't have the same classes, and thought she could try to beat me up. I bite. hard. She really was NOT ready for me to fight like a girl. Lost a chunk of arm and ALL of my patience. Her pride and joy was her car. I did all sorts of things to it. Did you know diet coke will eat a paint job? She had a cheapie paint job and "oops" I spilled a drink I was allergic to ALL over it. In a speckle pattern because I shook the can first. I have no idea how many mechanics she paid, but I know she had it towed four times due to my pencils. Never said a word.

    The one thing I didn't do was put Limburger on her exhaust. She messed with another girl who had a big brother who visited and did that to her. Talk about stench. She couldn't even GIVE the car away.

    I will think of some others to make you laugh when they upset you the next time!
  11. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Limburger on the engine block is good, too. Melts into all kinds of places you can't get it out of. Or so I've been told.