Money Tree I Can't See......

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hopeless, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Hopeless

    Hopeless ....Hopeful Now

    Everyone in my family (husband, difficult child, easy child) all must be able to see a money tree in my yard......actually I think they see a Money Forest :(

    Believe me there is no Money Tree in my backyard or my prescription glasses are very bad!
  2. recoveringenabler

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    Sometimes it's really hard to be the only one in the family who is the reality check on finances. I empathize with you. I've been that guy and it can be frustrating, plus you are the one who has to remind everyone of the reality, so you can feel like a scrooge. Perhaps sitting everyone down and showing them the facts, "the family has this much money to spend after all of the bills are paid, so what is your suggestion as to how we make it stretch to include what everyone wants, you tell me!" Hope you find some peace in your 'financial empire.'
  3. susiestar

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    Ugh. I wish we had a money tree. Hard as I try, I just cannot find one anywhere.

    I actually thought you were maybe talking about a wedding reception. We have been to several weddings where some things were done to get money out of guests that I had not seen before. One brde put up a card tree and all the cards that were not attached to gifts were pinned onto a small potted tree. It was not her intention to ask for money from people, but she had given a gift certificate to a friend who got married and the envelope with the gift certificate and card either got lost or stolen before the reception was over. Some of the guests started putting cash and checks on the tree, not in envelopes, and she was shocked. Esp as many of them had also given gifts. Her younger siblings all had this type of tree at their weddings, but they didn't put envelopes on them and they had someone watching the tree and trying to shame people into putting more money on it.

    I thought maybe that was what you meant!

    It hoovers to be the one whoknows how far the money you have does not stretch. Don't let these family members have credit cards! husband got us into real trouble with that. He just didn't seem to understand that things you charge have to eventually be paid off. The last time was one of maybe 3 times I have told him that we do this my way completely or I am leaving with the kids. I don't say that for much of anything, but it happened too often and was way too serious. I am so thankful that he saw how it hurt me and he worked to change how he saw the world and money.
  4. dstc_99

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    You are so right!
    difficult child came up and stayed with easy child for one night while husband and I attended a ball. Apparently during that visit she told easy child about how we needed to give her more money and we weren't giving her all she needed. ARGH! I don't have to give her **** since she moved out but of course she is so spoiled she doesn't see it that way. She apparently doesn't count the $500 prom dress and $90 prom shoes she just got, the car payments, car insurance, and cell phone payments or the $400 a month we send her grands so they don't pay the price for her living there. She also had no problem showing up the next day at the mall and spending several hundred dollars. I am really going to have to keep an eye on that because I think we are becoming her walking ATM.

    husband on the other hand is a tight wad unless he wants something. Then all reality goes out the window and it must be had right then and there. Since we are currently trying to sell our house all our extra money is being applied to our mortgage. Recently husband has decided to do the Bourbon Trail here in KY and has been buying tshirts and bourbon bottles for his display cabinet. I can't seem to get him to understand that he can buy bourbon bottles anywhere anytime so it could wait until after we move and can better afford it. I guess I could understand better if he were buying highly collectible items but he just buys the same bottle I can buy at a local liqour store anytime!

    Of course then he can't understand why after spending $125 on tshirts and bourbon I am hesitant to go get the new pants I need for work! ARGH!!!
  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    Wow. I thought $400 on a prom dress was crazy when we bought it for Jumper. As for shoes...she's going to payless if they have her size. LOL...your difficult child has nothing to complain about.

    And $125 shirts? And bourbon? REALLY? I must live in an alternate universe :)
  6. Marcie Mac

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    Ahhh the Money Tree - SO and I have had more arguments about this tree. I made an announcement to all that the tree has now died as my paycheck was cut in half and I will request they all help out. Danny, who now lives on his own, and pays his own bills, came to the realization on how money trees actually work - and has gotten quite militant about telling his roommates there is NO money tree in HIS back yard and has no problem cutting off internet/cable to the slackers and has actually gave the two difficult child girls their walking papers for not ponying up and sharing in the cleaning the house. He is still on my cell phone plan, and just comes and pays his share without giving me a story why he cant. Jamie just grabs some bills that come in and pays them without comment. SO was pleasantly surprised as he was sure that after all my coddeling the boys and not charging them anything ever to live here, was sure they would all let me down. Eldest is another story and when she realized no money would be forthcomming, and found out she wasn't named as executor of my will, just cut off contact.

  7. dstc_99

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    Yeah I know they live such tortured lives! LOL

    And let me add the following addendum-that was $125 at the one location there are 7 or 8 stops on the trail he is doing as well as a few off trail stops he has planned as well. So far we have done 5 and have probably spent close to $100 at each place.

    Yet I own exactly 5 pairs of dress pants and 5 sets of shirts for work. (OK so I did have weight loss surgery not that long ago and I refuse to buy too much since I shrink out of it quickly BUT seriously I'm a girl and I can't afford cute shoes) :(
  8. SuZir

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    Those money trees that only show themselves to select someones seem to common phenomenon. We have one in our garden too. Only easy child seems to see it nowadays though. I hope it coughs up some cash for him very soon or he will be up to some rather unpleasant manual labour for a weekend.

    He decided it was an excellent idea to purposefully break a brand new sport equipment because he was slightly upset during the game. That is one 150 bucks extra to his (previously very, nowadays less so) expensive hobby. That itself means paying it himself or 20 hours of labour. And being a smart boy he is, he decided to make it better by telling husband "So what, who the F cares", when he did made some sarcastic comments of self control and smartness of breaking things he can't afford to replace himself. So that made maxed it to unpleasant manual labour. We just have to come up with something gross, hard, frustrating or otherwise nasty for him to do.