More drama, ugh...

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by dashcat, Dec 28, 2012.

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    difficult child sailed through Christmas quite happily, or so I thought. She wasn't manic. She was excited about the gifts she bought and happy and grateful for what she recieved.

    She got back together with her boyfriend a few months ago after a couple month hiatus during which time she declared she was a lesbian, had two long distance "relationships" with girls she'd never met, cut off all her hair (but managed to do an amazingly good job of it), began dressing very butch, and then *surprise!* returned to the heterosexual world and began to tell people she was getting married.

    So. She goes with him Weds to see Trans Siberian Orchestra. We were in the middle of a blizzard and they decided to do the responsbile thing and get a hotel room downtown. I know all of this had to cost a fortune, but I didn't ask any questions. All I cared about was her safety and i kept my mouth shut.

    She texted me throughout the night raving about the concert and rolled in around noon, raving more about the concert. She said she was going to take a 90 minute nap, and slept for about four hours. It was her day off, so I said nothing. She got up just as I was leaving the house. I returned 2 hours later to find the house dark and her in bed. Odd.

    I got up this morning around 7:00 to find a note. "J and I broke up last night. If I'm not up by noon, wake me".

    Huh? They broke up between mindnight and 7:00 a.m.? I'm a light sleeper, so I know she didn't leave and he wasn't here.

    Everything was peachy at noon yesterday. I think, at least. She seemed serene - not manic happy (which isn't, as we all know, happy at all).

    Now I don't care that they broke up. He's an nice kid and all, but they saw each other only about once or maybe twice a week. They'd only met last May, so I'm thinking this is hardly marriage-worthy. She was smart enough to keep me in the dark about the marraige talk and her forays into the lesbian world. That info was gleaned second hand, but reliably.

    She was scheduled to work this morning at 8:00a.m I sure hope she does not jeapordize her job over this dude. I also hope we aren't headed onto the bi-polar roller coaster.

    Maybe, now, she'll go on medications...

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    Dash, what a saga, it's a lot to wrap your head around. I know that roller coaster, I hope you can stay on level ground. Take good care of yourself and here's hoping 2013 brings you peace of mind.........hugs..........
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    This does not surprise me. Couples break up via text and twitter all the time...

    Hope difficult child does not lose her job over this! Can you have a little "pity party" with her today and then try and convince her to move on?
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    She is working tonight ...said she wrote her schedule down wrong (this is quite possible), so I'm not as concerned about work as I was.

    Here's the story she gave me: J texted her at 3:00 a.m. and asked if he could come over to talk. She says "No. It's 3:00 a.m". He then texts "This isn't working. I cannot deal with your mood swings. "

    Do I think this is the whole story? Nope. Does it matter? Not really.

    My concern isn't the breakup, it's the vortex of drama that is her life. It's always something and it will only stop when she decides she wants it to.
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    Sorry about the drama but dont worry too much about the sexuality part too much at this age okay? Sort of goes with the territory as it is. Trust me.