My difficult child is hurting so bad could use some prayers.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Cass1, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Cass1

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    my grandson was 1 month old on Wed.We see him 3x a week for an hour and a half supervised visits.Its so hard on difficult child when we go to visit he just wants to sit and hold him the entire time,not givinng anyone else much of a vist,but thats understandable.He is so sad when we have to leave our last visit it was a beautiful day when we left difficult child said I just want to take him home where he belongs on a day like this Id be taking him for a walk. :sad:
    Yesterday we had our visit and it was about 10min before it was time to leave and difficult child says I hate this,I hate this when its that time .AS we left he walked with his head down crying.I wish there was something I could do I know Im trying to get the baby to come stay with me but the CAS takes there time doing this.difficult child also said to me a few days ago mom whats going to happen if he comes to live with you am I ever going to get to raise my son :frown:
    I hurt so bad for him I feel his pain and theres nothing I can do right now to take it away ,so could you please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.Thank you all.
    Cassie :angel:
  2. 'Chelle

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    Sending prayers and good thoughts for your difficult child. Hope the situation will improve for your difficult child. He may find this will help him get on with doing what he needs to to be a bigger part of his baby's life (as in your sig, get a job and such). Best wishes
  3. totoro

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    Sending good thought your way...hugs. :kisses:
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    You can politely "bug" CAS by calling and asking if there is anything more you can do or need to do to hurry the process along. It is good to see your difficult child longing for his child...maybe it will help him grow up some more and get busy doing what he needs to do.
    As a foster mom, I know I was always happy to see a baby returned to their family IF there was a lot of love and the actions to back it up. Your family seems to have that in abundance. I agree the waiting stinks, your grandbaby isn't in suspended annimation, he is growing every day and belongs in his forever home now.
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    Your all in my thoughts and prayers. I hope they speed the process up. I'm sure it is hard for all of you.
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    Aww, hugs to you and difficult child. I sure hope they hurry it along. I will you in my prayers also.
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    I'm just curious, why doesn't the girlfriend have the baby?

    I'm sorry this is going on. I hope you get custody soon and this baby can be in a loving environment.